R&B Sunday: Eddie Kendricks – “My People…Hold On”

Yes. I did get this song from Jay-Z’s Songs For Survival 2′ playlist on TIDAL. And yes, I am waiting on his followup response on whether or not we are still past kneeling when it comes to police brutality. 

Anyway, I hope all are safe while protesting. Those brave souls fighting for equality have many obstacles on the path to the promised land where police officers are accountable for the unjust murders they commit. “All Lives Matters!” comments, undercover rioters, looters, and opportunists, and of course, brutal police committing acts of brutality can make possible appearances at every march, protest, and demonstration, but please….HOLD ON! Keep Fighting! Wear a mask and stay hydrated because we are still in a pandemic and it is getting close to Summer. God Bless all that are fighting for a noble cause. Be Safe! Happy Sunday!