R&B Sunday: Kaash Paige – “SOS”

Y’all, I live in Texas. In fact, I live outside of Dallas. A thirty-minute drive from Downtown Dallas where the Mavericks and Starts play if traffic acts right. Unfortunately, it’s not far enough from some ignorance. Yesterday, an Anti-mask/Trump-supporting/Anti Roe V. Wade rally was held at the Earl Cabell Federal Building. Hundreds (I counted 5 Black people in the crowd) showed up to argue that abortion is bad and that masks during a pandemic are even worse in the name of Jesus Christ. Help Us Lord. 

Also, that area in D-Town known as Deep Ellum that I’ve written about in the past is being a big old hypocrite with their new “BLM” -inspired merch. The same area where Austin Sheffield assaulted L’Daijohnique Lee last year and no one was talking unity then. The same area that has a history of venues banning DJs from playing “Trap” Music or Hip-Hop. I believe that they are profiting off a moment and rewarding themselves instead of actually doing the work of addressing issues and preventing them from happening again.

In summary, abortions are optional, not mandatory; everyone should vote for Women to have access to healthcare because Planned Parenthood doesn’t just do abortions; We need Universal Healthcare in America; Wear A Mask, Vote, Fuck Deep Ellum, and finally, Wear A Mask!

Enjoy some goodness out of Dallas. Local favorite, Kaash Paige, whose billboard I see on the way to Downtown, released her debut album, Teenage Fever back in August and it will brighten your afternoon/evening drive.