Notable Tracks: Full Force, Fleetwood Mac, & Boldy James

Welcome back to Notable Tracks, it’s here where I talk about 3 to 4 seemingly random songs. Sometimes the songs are connected with a theme; sometimes not like today. So now that the new people in the back understand the premise…

Boldy James – “Nu Wave”

I have been sleeping on Boldy James. Not to say I am not familiar with his music; it feels like he has been around for a minute. It took him joining up with Griselda for me to give him a real listen and thankfully I did. He is first release with GXFR is The Versace Tape which was produced entirely by social media personality turned dope ass producer Jay Versace. Now I have to go back and listen to The Price of Tea in China with The Alchemist. Above is my favorite track off The Versace Tape as well as one of my favorite tracks of 2020, “Nu Wave.

Full Force – “Ain’t My Type Of Hype”

My love for the movie House Party has been well documented. So I can’t explain how I didn’t know that the movie was originally made for DJ Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith and not for Kid ‘n Play? I learned all this from Christopher “Kid” Reid’s recent interview on Vlad TV where I also learned about Robin Harris pulling out a gun during a basketball game argument and how The Fresh Prince might have came about because Kid ‘n Play turned down a sitcom deal with NBC. Either way, in celebration of this new useless knowledge, here is basically the theme song for House Party, Full Force‘s “Ain’t My Type Of Hype.

Fleetwood Mac – “Dreams”

Because why not? Shout out to 420Doggface208