Notable Tracks: Alternative Intros

Not sure if this has always been a thing and I just found out about when YouTube randomly started suggesting them to me late last year, but people are redoing intros to Hip-Hop songs and posting them online. More importantly, Hip-Hop songs I like.

To be honest, the remixes aren’t complex or anything. The main differences is they are letting the sampled song play out more in the beginning. So song from the likes of Westside Gunn or Freddie Gibbs with Madlib or Alchemist are likely candidates for remixes like these.

I didn’t do much research so I have no idea if it’s a PewDiePie-like YouTuber somewhere who is the king of doing these kinds of remix. These are just the songs I found ripped and put on my computer and listened to (Mainly from channels Saint Antoine and Curvends).

Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist feat. Conway The Machine – “Babies & Fools” (Alternate Intro/Saint Antoine Remix)

Not only was “Babies & Fools” on my for my favorite Songs of 2020, I reviewed that album it came from, Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist‘s Alfredo (Which would probably have been my favorite album of 2020 if we had made that list). Even when I reviewed that album and put actual time in it, I had no idea where the sample came from. Thanks to Saint Antoine, I now know it’s Andrus, Blackwood & Company’s “All of Me.”

Westside Gunn – “Mr. T” (Alternate Intro/Curvends Remix)

“Mr. T” is Westside Gunn‘s best song. Why not let that sample of The Smith Connection’s “Under My Wings” play out some more? sAyo.

Boldy James – “Nu Wave” (Alternate Intro/Curvends Remix)

Another one that ended up on my list of Songs of 2020 and to be honest, Boldy James‘s “Nu Wave” might be my favorite song from last year. That sample is crazy and I have no idea how Jay Versace found it or the masterfully way he flipped it. Blockworks

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib – “Crime Pays” (Alternate Intro/Saint Antoine Remix)

Useless Information: The instrumental version of “Crime Pays” is my alarm in the morning. I may change it to Walt Barr’s “Free Spirit” to switch things up.