Song of the Week: Madvillain – “All Caps”

For the last Song of the Week of 2023, let’s go MF Doom, more precisely, MF Doom & Madlib, aka Madvillain, and their song “All Caps.”

This choice is inspired by a dope video I saw on Instagram announcing that on January 18th, 2024, at La Cigale in Paris, France, Mos Def Yasiin Bey, would do a show where he only performs MF Doom tracks. The song used in the promo video is “All Caps.”

Does this sound like Mos Def doing Doom karaoke? Yes.
Would I still go if I were in Paris? Also, yes.

According to the internet, La Cigale only holds around 1,400 people, but either way, the show is sold out.

This really shouldn’t surprise old Hip-Hop heads like myself, as Yasiin Bey once said in a rap battle of MF Doom versus Lil Wayne that he would put a million dollars on Doom. And this was at least around 15 years ago when Weezy was still arguably the best rapper alive (since the best rapper retired).

Either way, the final Song of the Week of 2023 goes to “All Caps” by Madvillain, now that I think about it, maybe best known for being featured in The Boondocks episode, “Let’s Nab Oprah.”

R.I.P. Doom. Just remember ALL CAPS when you spell the man name.