Song of the Week: Jim Jones & Harry Fraud – “Laps Around the Sun”

Going through my backlog of albums that seem to always pile up, I finally got around to listening to Jim Jones & Harry Fraud‘s The Fraud Department. And like many people have already said before me, the improvement of Capo on the microphone is astonishing. Especially after all this time in the rap game and at the age of 44.

I even ask the people in the nappyafro Office (Which is just an Instagram chat group with my Jerm, Saule, & GQ) if Jones was writing his rhymes. He out here rhyming like he is part of Griselda these days.

All that being said, props to Jim Jones on the improvement. He went from being the third-best rapper out of The Diplomats (What’s up Zekey?!) to currently making the best music out of the group. Check out the best song off of The Fraud Department below, “Laps Around the Sun” (Which Complex ranked the first verse as one of the Best Rap Verses of 2021 (So Far)) as well as another good song from the project, “Three Cuts” featuring Maino.