Song of the Week: Jadakiss – “Who Shot Ya”

The LOX vs Dipset Verzuz battle happened last night and it was highly enjoyable. It was one of the few Verzuz events that I have watched from start to finish.

So who won? The Jadakiss-led LOX destroyed Dipset. Here are a few more random thoughts:

  • Jadakiss pulled a Chris Paul last night. Basically reminding us of how great he is by showing his witty charisma and stage presence
  • You can tell which group are actually still friends
  • The Diplomats were under prepared and The LOX were ready
  • It got tense for second but as stated by the groups, they all agreed beforhand to be aggressive and (I guess) disrespectful
  • The LOX had way more hits that I remembered plus a better DJ
  • Besides lip syncing (As Jadakiss pointed out), it got bad when the Dipset’s DJ started playing stuff from Purple City Byrdgang. I thought they were gonna play 730 Dips next
  • Speaking of which, Jadakiss calling Freeky Zeeky as useless as “the fat nigga from Dru Hill” was one of the memorable jabs of the night
  • As ghetto fabulous as the event was, would LOX vs G-Unit been a better battle? Or would somebody get shot?
  • Speaking of ghetto, was this Verzuz the most ghetto event that Bruce Buffer ever worked at?
  • Tyler, The Creator tweeting about having a crush on Jadakiss… is uh, something.
  • Seeing that at the end of the event both legendary groups showed love to one another (and announced an upcoming tour), all this was a win for New York Hip-Hop

One of the many highlights of the night and something that set the tone for the battle is Jadakiss performing his “Who Shot Ya” freestyle off of The Champ Is Here 3. Since Kiss was easily last night’s MVP it feels right to make that Song of the Week. Check out that below as well as a replay of last night’s show (Depending on how long it stays up).

*insert Jadakiss laugh here*