Kanye West feat. André 3000 – “Life of the Party”

Update: André 3000 reponds to the leak

So this is weird. We all finally get to listen to that song Kanye West previewed in Berlin with the André 3000 featured “Life of the Party”. But here is the thing: Drake premiered that track on his SiriusXM radio show (Something that I didn’t know even existed).

But what about the song? It’s dope as hell and probably should have gotten a place on Donda (Especially seeing how long that album is). Ye does throw shots at Drizzy and even talks about that infamous group chat and Drake writing for him (“You better hit me with, ‘Yes sir I’m writing everything you need'”). For some reason CyHi The Prynce also caught some strays over “Sicko Mode” (A song that CyHi wrote).

3 Stacks does 3 Stacks things talking about life and still flowing effortlessly over a soulful sampled production. And for some reason, a clip of the late DMX talking with his daughter is used in the song.

Now the question is why did Drake choose to leak a Kanye song that disses him? Was Kanye gonna release it and Drizzy beat him to it? Was “Life of the Party” a response to “7AM on Bridle Path” And what the picture above means? (Drake dropped it on his Instagram Story around the same time). I’m rambling. It’s late. Check the song out below (While you can).

Sidenote: The official version has a non-Drake diss version