Notable Tracks: Key Glock, Naomi Sharon, & Mega Ran

No theme this time for this Notable Tracks post (Again). If this post did have a theme, it would be trying to prevent the front page of the website from only containing pictures of women and posts about the FROCAST (Not that there is anything wrong with that). But, whatever, let’s get into it.

Key Glock – “Word on the Streets”

There was a video I saw a month back of Key Glock performing in “Word on the Streets” in Germany in front of a hyped and happy crowd. And while I’m not gonna get into the debate about how the crowd was all white and was singing all the words (You know what words I mean), it did make me revisit the “Word on the Streets.” I don’t know what happened in the last couple of years, but I love this song now, and it has even been added to The Official nappyafro Playlist. R.I.P. Dolph too.

Naomi Sharon – “Hills”

I mentioned women in the intro, which is appropriate because this song came from a recent Certified Banger. Naomi Sharon is not only a beautiful woman but a talented musician, and “Hills” is proof of that. The song heavily samples The Elthics’ “Lost in A Lonely World,” and if you know that sample, you already understand. It’s just a good song. For greater effect, listen to “HIlls” while looking at our Certified Banger post featuring Naomi Sharon. You’re welcome.

Mega Ran feat. G1ToTheRescue – “Goodbye To The Bad Guy”

Hold on. I know Scott Hall passed away in March, and this song came out shortly after, but I needed a third song, and “Goodbye To The Bad Guy” by Mega Ran came up on shuffle the other day. Besides, I have been in a “Let’s watch old Razor Ramon matches on YouTube” type of mood lately (I even bought this shirt this week). Bad times don’t last, but bad guys do.