Classic Material: RBL Posse – A Lesson to Be Learned [1992]

RBL Posse‘s A Lesson to Be Learned is a true gem of underground Hip-Hop. This album, released in 1992, has remained largely underrated and overlooked, despite its undeniable quality and influence on the West Coast rap scene.

From the very first track, “Don’t Give Me No Bammer Weed,” it’s clear that RBL Posse were masters of their craft. The beat is infectious, the rhymes are clever, and the chorus is catchy as hell. This song, and its sequel “Bammer Weed II,” are instant classics that have become staples of West Coast Hip-Hop.

But it’s not just the funny, lighthearted tracks that make A Lesson to Be Learned such a great album. The more serious tracks, like “Gotta Git My Scrill On” and “An Eye for an Eye,” showcase the group’s lyrical prowess and storytelling abilities. The beats are consistently top-notch throughout the album, with funky basslines and crisp drums that will keep your head nodding. (I’m pretty sure samples that were probably uncleared when the album was originally released)

What sets RBL Posse apart from other West Coast rap groups of the time is their ability to balance humor with social commentary. They tackle issues like poverty, police brutality, and racial inequality without sacrificing their signature wit and humor. This makes A Lesson to Be Learned a well-rounded and thought-provoking album that deserves more recognition.

RBL Posse’s A Lesson to Be Learned is an underground Hip-Hop classic that shouldn’t be overlooked. Its infectious beats, clever rhymes, and social commentary make it a timeless album that still resonates today. If you’re a fan of West Coast rap or just appreciate great music, then you need to give this album a listen.