Why the Dipset Movement is so relevant to Hip-Hop


This topic sprung up in regards to King Jerm’s commentary on the beef between Jay-Z and new Dipset poster boy Jim Jones. In Jerm’s piece he gives detailed reasons why a Jay-Z response to Mr. Jones wasn’t a good political/strategic move for him. My opinion comes from the other end of the spectrum; I think that their little squabble is something that Hip-Hop needs right now… which is a breath of fresh air. In its’ current state Hip-Hop has become a little stale and stagnant. It seems as though every since Pac and Biggie had their beef fiasco Hip-Hop has become politically correct to the point that it hurts the original purpose of the music. The only other form of music that comes close to what rap music is supposed to be is punk rock. Rap is supposed to be rebellious and edgy. That’s why I am bestowing ass loads of praise upon Jim Jones for being a catalyst in bringing the edge back to the music. It’s only competition people and without competition we can’t improve. In regards to violence, there isn’t going to be any violence because Jay-Z is too smart/crafty to let things reach that level. New York definitely needs some much needed pop right now and the Dipset movement is definitely providing a much needed spark in the ignition.  In closing I’d like to give Jim Jones two thumbs way, way up. No, correction, I’d like to give the movement two hands intertwined making a fake Bloods gang symbol.

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