“When Will We Let Bow Wow Grow Up?”


I was watching Access Granted on BET the other night and I noticed Bow Wow’s new video with T-Pain, and I noticed that Bow Wow is now 19! In the video he has a love scene and stripper scene where his boys are making it rain! But all of this makes me wonder, when will it be okay for Bow to cuss and do other things other guys his age do. It has been noted that the record company doesn’t want him to curse on his music, check out his album, all of the curse words have been muted out. They say that parents know that they can count on Bow Wow to deliver a product that their kids can listen to. All of this may be cramping his style. Can we expect Bow to stay little forever? He did drop the “Lil” off of his name. So why can’t we let go? I know that we all feel like Bow is our little cousin that has finally grown up! But this man has gone to the Playboy Mansion! I know after an experience like that, it must be hard to have people look at you like you little. I have always liked Bow Wow, his swag and his delivery. I thought he had something a lot of kid rappers didn’t have. I want to see him take that next step and grow up a bit. I don’t mind him cursing; I just don’t want him to overdo it. I want you all to check out the video and tell me that Bow Wow hasn’t matured. But note that the chick in the video looks a little old for him. She looks like she could be his aunt or something. I think they could have found a 20-22 year old to play the part. But enjoy, oh yeah, why is T-Pain and strippers synonymous?

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