Biggie still #1, Hip-Hop relesaes, Brazil hates George Bush, Viacom sues YouTube for $1 billion, Shi*t Hop, & the new nappyafro promo


First off, let me say that I’m happy The Notorious B.I.G.’s Greatest Hits debuted at number 1 this week atop of the Billboard 200 selling around 99,000 copies. Now personally, I thought the album was lacking on hits (you can check out King Jerm’s review here). But shit, it’s still Big, and I’m happy he’s still getting respect 10 years after his death.

Where’s the Hip-Hop music in 2007?

Speaking of albums, I’m checking out the upcoming album releases, and shit is looking kinda thin. So far we haven’t had a great album for 2007 from a well known artist. This month alone, all I have to look forward to is Young Buck and Redman. I guess we have to wait until April when UGK and Fabolous drop. The brighter spots is later in the year where we have 50 Cent, Cam’ron, T.I., Lil’ Wayne, Eminem, & Kanye all slated to come out. Don’t forget about the always delayed Detox. I don’t know? For some reason, I gotta feeling that a least half of these albums will be pushed back. I guess will just have to wait and see.

  • Young Buck/Buck The World – March 27
  • Redman/Red Gone Wild: Thee Album – March 27
  • UGK/Underground Kingz – April 17
  • Fabolous/From Nothin’ To Somethin’ – April 17
  • 50 Cent/Before I Self Destruct – May 22
  • Cam’ron/Shade Of Black – Spring
  • Lil’ Wayne/Tha Carter Vol. III – Summer
  • T.I./T.I. Vs. T.I.P. – Summer
  • Dr.Dre/Detox – Autumn
  • Eminem/Untitled – Winter
  • Kanye West/Graduation – Winter

Brazil hates George Bush!

Didn’t anybody hear about Bush’s trip to Brazil? Well, let’s just say good ole Dubya isn’t the most liked person in Brazil. U.S. President George W. Bush began his official 24-hour visit last Saturday, and early that morning, Brazilians took to the streets of the nation’s 27 states to shout “Bush out!” I give Brazil props for doing what the U.S. should be doing. Good work Brazil. First ya’ll invent the thong and now this.


Viacom sues YouTube…for $1 Billion!

Damn , these companies ain’t playing. People might have to start looking for another place to put up videos of themselves lip syncing to Beyonce. Viacom announced on Tuesday that it has sued YouTube and Google in U.S. District Court for massive intentional copyright infringement of Viacom’s entertainment properties. The suit seeks more than $1 billion in damages, as well as an injunction prohibiting Google and YouTube from further copyright infringement. The complaint contends that almost 160,000 unauthorized clips of Viacom’s programming have been available on YouTube and that these clips had been viewed more than 1.5 billion times. Good luck YouTube!

I Hate “Shit Hop”

I know this clip has been going around the net, but the Black Dot breaks shit down about Hip-Hop in this clip. He also has a book called Hip Hop Decoded. If you wanna hear some real knowledge, watch the clip. (Edit: Clip Removed) “Hip-Hop is everywhere.”

Anime and Jay-Z combined? You read my mind! Check out the nappyafro promo.

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