Imus, Oprah, & Hip-Hop, Hester gets a 100, Vince Young gets the Madden cover, The Host, Pimpin’ Snooky, Kimbo goes pro, & “Fingaz In My Azz”


Yea, its been a while since I hit ya’ll with another edition of We Want Easy; shit, its been a while since we did anything for the site in general (10 days to be exact). It not all our fault, barely any new Hip-Hop music is being released and the ones that are really don’t excite us (Mike Jones, Bone Thugs, & a Lil’ Flip double album…sigh). But don’t worry; we’ll work it out some kind a way.

Imus, Oprah, Hip-Hop, & “Nappy headed hoes”

We got a few e-mails asking what we thought about the whole Imus deal (our name is I ain’t gonna go into this one much because King Jerm gonna speak on it later. To me, Don Imus is an asshole, but I’m all for freedom of speech. I could give a fuck what anybody like him has to say anyway. I was happy his radio show got canned the same way I’m happy when a KKK meeting gets shut down. They still have rights, but I’m not gonna stand up and speak out for them. Oprah, as well as others, need to stop blaming Hip-Hop though. Putting all the blame on Hip-Hop and making it the reason for the evils in the Black community is bullshit.

I Love New York Reunion

I told you in the last column that New York said the guy she picked had a two inch dick. Well, on the reunion show, she told the world. Damn Tango, it’s hard to come back from that and you know how girls talk. But then again, I blame you for fucking with that broad.

Vince Young gets Madden cover, Hester gets 100

Madden fans around the world are going crazy about this one. After a crazy year of touchdown returns, Devin Hester gets 100 on speed in Madden NFL 08, which is unheard of. As a person who plays Madden, I really don’t have a problem with this. What happens when somebody faster comes in the league though? Vince Young also got the cover of Madden NFL 08. Expect for him to break his leg in the first or second game of the year.

The Host is a monster

I went to see Grindhouse about two weeks ago. I was going to talk about it here, but after checking out the box office, I see that people don’t care. About a month ago, I also checked out what might be the best monster movie ever created. It’s the 2006 South Korean move, The Host. It’s well done, funny, and is a Godzilla type film for the new millennium. If you don’t mind subtitles, be sure to check this shit out.


Pimpin’ Snooky, You are a legend.

I just wanted to shout out Pimpin’ Snooky. If you don’t know this man, you probably never seen Pimps Up, Ho’s Down. Well anyway, I heard my boy got caught up in Las Vegas. Hold your head up man. Check out his MySpace page here.

Kimbo Slice will fuck you up.

Speaking of hood legends, underground boxing legend Kimbo Slice will fight former heavyweight champion Ray Mercer in June. As much as I hate to say it, I kinda like watching Kimbo fight in the backyards of Florida. Plus, this is the hardest looking dude I seen in a while. I hope going professional don’t mess him up. Check out the video below.

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“Fingaz In My Azz”

This clip has been floating around for the past few months. The reason I put it up today is because this song is actually hot. I got the mp3 on my iPod and everytime I hear it, I still crack up. Good work Broken Equipment Productions. “I know how to fight Tae Bo”.

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