My favorite 3 hot songs at the moment, Master P is Supaman, Tecmo Bowl returns, Bone Thugs review response, UGK’s “International Players Anthem” video, A Pimpin’ Snooky, new Pam Grier wallpaper


What’s up people? It’s that time again where I go on and on about bullshit…but I know y’all love it anyway. It’s actually been an okay week for your boy though. Oh yea, before we get started, I wanna give a huge shot out to St. Louis. People out there been really supporting the site and we really appreciated. Now that that’s out the way, let’s begin.

My Favorite 3 Hot Songs At The Moment

People always ask me, “B-Easy what’s hot right now?” So I thought this would be a good time to check out my iPod and see what the hell I been listening to lately. You know what? Actually it’s not that hard. I think I been rotating three songs lately (I’ll give you links to download them too):

Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, & Pharrell (or CRS) – “Us Placers”: I don’t know who album this will be on, but it’s supposedly from the new group formed by Kanye, Lupe, & Pharrell called CRS (CRS means…I don’t know. I heard like 10 different meanings). The track samples Thom Yorke’s “The Eraser”. Really good.

The Game – “My Bitch”: Whoa. The Game really goes at Suge Knight, Jay-Z, and of course 50 Cent in this song. The beat is supposedly one that Dr. Dre did for Doctor’s Advocate. Who knows anymore? Personally, I think this is Game’s best diss song to date. It’s more “Takeover” than “Hit ‘Em Up”. I like intelligent diss songs…if that’s possible.

Kanye West – “Can’t Tell Me Nothing”: Kanye changes it up again. Besides King Jerm, I think almost everybody is kinda feeling this one. I guess you can say that this is his street single for Graduation. He went and got DJ Toomp for the assistance on the production and samples ad-libs Jeezy from “I Got Money”. The video isn’t that good but the song is hot.

Master P is Black Supaman


You remember when 50 Cent said that Master P wasn’t relevant anymore? I’m starting to believe him. Come on P, you had to go and do this? This shit looks terrible.

Tecmo Bowl Returns


Okay, this is one for the old heads. Video game maker Tecmo announced last month that they will bring back the game Tecmo Bowl in 2008. Oh yea, it’s not an Xbox or Wii download either; it’s supposedly is an update. I love Madden, but Tecmo Bowl was my first love. I got the 85’ Chicago Bears!

Problems with the Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Review

*This is from an e-mail sent by Morris (What’s up Morris!):

I read the review on Bone’s Strength & Loyalty

I have a question for the person that reviewed it.

“Would you have given any of Bone’s older Albums a better grade, and if so which ones?”

Much like you I don’t listen to Bone that much, but i had the chance to listen to East 1999, Art of War and Creepin on a come up because my friend is Bone’s #1 Fan. I have to say that “Strength & Loyalty” sounded like their best album, I like it for it’s diversity, the lyrics are strong and the beats are nice,

Unlike most rap albums to day, you have more than two songs would be a hit on the charts for example Lil Love, I’ Tried, Candy Paint, Wind Blow and Bumps in that trunk.

Also they are not talking about the same thing the whole entire time ; it’s really the first rap album that’s not degrading women that I heard in a long time.

You can’t help but notice that Bone’s lyrics have matured, just listen to layzie, Krayz and wish verses in lil love vs Bow Wow, the nature of bow wow’s verse is that he is still a player and bone’s verses are about string to save their relationships, they’re not playing child games, yes bow wow is out of place

Over all i think Bone did a good job on this album, its better than most of the stuff i hear on the radio any way

The “order my steps song”, it may be on a gangster rap but it serves a great purpose, l liked the song

First of all Morris, thanks for the e-mail. Even though you do sound like a big Bone Thugs fan, you had some good points. I just wanted people to see a different point of view. I still stand by my review though (Click here to read it).

Hot Video: UGK feat. Outkast – “International Players Anthem”

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This is by far my favorite video out right now. Shit, it looks like the South is still killing it and showing unity (David Banner & Three 6 Mafia show up too). It feels like it 1999 or 2000 all over again when both UGK and Outkast was hot.

A Pimpin’ Snooky Moment

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Look, we love Snooky here on We don’t know why he took to us and liked our site, but why question it? Snooky, this one is for you pimpin’. Keep you head up.

New Wallpaper: Pam Grier


People have been raving about the new wallpapers we have on the site (Click here to see why). Well we got another one. The original Foxy Brown herself makes an appearance. You seen the banner homie, now get the wallpaper (Click on the pic for the uncensored version).