Who, What, When, Where, & How: Paris Hilton’s jail time, men in capris pants, Stack Bundles is murdered, good rap monikers, & “Where My Homiez”


We thought it was time to revisit an old feature, the Who, What, When, Where. Yeah, I know that is has been a long time. But don’t worry; this one will be back on the regular now!

What is the deal with everyone saying that Paris Hilton got screwed by the judge for sentencing her to 45 days?


Let’s not forget that she got it cut to 23 with good behavior, before she went! Out of all the injustices in the judicial system, why is this one so unjust? I know….MONEY! Come on Paris, Lil Kim almost did a calendar, and you crying about 3 weeks, GET REAL!

When did guys start wearing Capri pants?


I see all these guys rocking the Capri pants like thats what’s up. I’m no fashion designer, but the metrosexual way is seeping in to the Hip-Hop culture. Look fellas, only ladies wear Capri’s!

Why hasn’t the violence stopped yet?


People we need to get a grip on things and stop all the senseless killings. Rest in Peace to my man Stack Bundles, another brother shot dead in the streets. This has to stop, and I’m not just saying that because a rapper got shot neither.

Who got the best rap moniker?

You got Mr. 17.5, One Eyed Willie, F-50, and Marty McFly. But my favorite one is 3 Stacks! That boy Andre 3000 killed it when he said that one on the “International’s Players Anthem.” If you haven’t seen the video, you can see it here!

“Where My Homiez?”

Oh that is the Song of the Week by Ill Al Skratch