Plies’ new single, “The Pocket”, crazy new dances, Lawrenceville, & the similarities between Ciara & Trey Songz


What’s going on my people! Well we had to come back to the Lion’s Den; I know it’s been a while. This time I wanted to discuss a few subjects. First I wanted to share a couple of my favorite videos, give some shouts to some of our hotspots, and ask a serious question to our viewers.

Plies feat. T-Pain – “Shorty”

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I know you have read the Epiphany review, if not click here. But T-Pain is killing the cameos right now. The new song with Plies titled “Shorty” is banging! Look out for Plies, the next big thing out of Florida.

Tabi Bonney – “The Pocket”

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This next one is kind of old, but I still like it. This one is “The Pocket” by Tabi Bonney. Dude has been getting a lot of love and hate for that matter. I don’t care the video is hot, and the dancing is crazy.

Speaking of dances: When did SpongeBob get one, and why is this called the SpongeBob? The Aunt Jackie is still my favorite though. I’m glad the dancing is coming back to Hip-Hop, because all that moshpit dancing was not interesting at all. Plus, why would you want to dance with a bunch of hard legs all night?

The SpongeBob

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Jason Fox – “Aunt Jackie”

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Big shouts to our peoples out in , GA! They show us a lot of love; we need to hear from you all! We just wanted you to know that we appreciate all the love that we get from you all. Atlanta, we see you too! Thanks for the support; we need to hear from the “A”! We want to know what’s popping in the cities out there, who’s hot, what’s hot so we can let the world know how everybody gets down.

But the biggest mystery I’ve been trying to solve is this one; Is Ciara and Trey Songz the same person? I wonder why you never see them at the same time. Look at the photos, see the resemblance. I’m not trying to stir anything up, but come on man. This has been puzzling me for a while, just thought now was the time to speak on it.