Diamond vs. Princess


King Jerm vs. B-Easy First off, let it be known that if King Jerm or B-Easy had their pick of any Rap/R&B chick in the game, it’s a good chance it wouldn’t be Crime Mob’s Diamond or Princess. But in the spirit of The Debate, we put these to group members head to head. In all categories, who’s the hottest: Princess or Diamond?

King Jerm’s Pick: Princess

Call me crazy, but I like thick girls. That is why Princess is killing Diamond right now. Yeah Diamond kind of cute, but she too thin! But that isn’t all she has either. She got a cute face, some nice lips, and some sexy eyes. Yeah Diamond is in the press a lot lately, because of her antics, which got her face out there. But it’s something mysterious about the more subdued Princess. She leaves something for the imagination. Princess is more mature and more laid back, the kind of girl you chill with. With Diamond, you never know when you might have to come to fisticuffs with someone or her for that matter.

B-Easy’s Pick: Diamond

Is this even a contest? Let’s get this argument over quickly. In the July issue of Vibe magazine, they listed the “25 Sexiest Celebs”. This is a list that had Beyonce at #1. Did you see Princess on that list? No, but Diamond was (ranked at #25). Even Crime Mob’s wack ass videos look like they could be hers; it’s like she’s the one who they feature the most (Ex. “Rock Yo Hips”). Let’s not forget that she has that Lil’ Kim swag going; her assets may not be the thickest, but her attitude still makes her comes across just as fly. Shit, in a time where female rappers are almost extinct, she might be in the top 5 right now. Let’s be real people, Diamond is the face of Crime Mob; that other girl and the rest are more like a back up singers.