Remy Ma’s shooting, Mike Vick’s dog fighting, Barry Bonds, & NCAA Football ’08


What’s going on people? It’s Friday, you at work and you are trying to make it through the day. Guess who comes to save the day, King Jerm! It’s time for another installment of the Lion’s Den! This time we have Remy Ma in the house, Mike Vick stops through, Barry Bonds makes an entrance, and the release of NCAA Football 2008.


Remy Ma’s Shooting Incident


Okay folks, by now you have heard about the shooting that Remy Ma is involved in. Whether or not she is guilty is not why I’m writing this. I’m writing because of the timing of the shooting. Everyone knows that scandal equals sells! Aren’t you getting tired of the publicity stunts in Hip-Hop these days? What happened to creating a buzz from a hot single? Now dudes got to go out there and stab/shoot someone or have some legal troubles to put their name out there. What part of the game is that?

Michael Vick & Dog Fighting (Of Course…)


Mike Vick was indicted by the feds the other day, as you all know. I question the feds for investigating a dog fighting ring. I would think with all the things to investigate, a dog fighting ring is at the top of your agenda! Maybe they thought he had information about Osama bin Laden! People don’t rush to judgment; remember what happened in the Duke Lacrosse scandal. As for myself, I don’t see anything sticking to him, they need visual evidence, and Mike Vick is a rich brother. I hope some dogs aren’t his demise.


Barry Bonds The Great


Barry Bonds is about to break the homerun record. This is a record that I would’ve never thought would be broken, at least not in my lifetime. Enjoy this people because Bonds is one of the greatest ever!

NCAA Football ’08 Released


For all of my game heads out there, NCAA Football 08 was released on Tuesday. New features like the Level 2 hit stick, team momentum, and the new Campus Legend mode where your guy starts in the high school playoffs make the game top notch. The visual is still top notch on the 360, but the game play on the PS2 and Xbox is still better. I don’t understand why the 360’s game play can’t compare with the older systems game play. I know the Madden heads will disagree, but I rather play NCAA than Madden any day!