Songs of the Week: Master P – “Bout It, Bout It Part 2” + “Break ‘Em Off Something” & TRU – “Swamp Niggas”


I have to admit that I was once a “No Limit Soldier” like a lot of other people, but with me it was a little different. I really loved that Master P music. Master P is the reason the South took over the rap game in 1997 and never looked back. People don’t recognize his contributions to the rap game. He showed everyone how to make it independently and for the most part he was honest with his contracts. Soon he was flooding the market, proving that there is a limit, he got his hand in anything possible. Clothes, cell phone service, internet, shoes, toys, and finally television! But enough about the man, let’s hear some of the “rowdy rowdy, bout it bout it” Master P! I pulled three of my favorite tracks to let all of you hear. So check it out here goes: “Break ‘Em off Something” featuring UGK, “Bout It, Bout It Part 2”, and “Swamp Ni**a” with TRU! So enjoy this hot trio from Master P!

Download: Master P- “Bout It, Bout It Part 2” (feat. Mia X)

Download: Master P – “Break ‘Em Off Something” (feat. UGK)

Songs: “Bout It, Bout It Part 2” & “Break ‘Em Off Something”
Album: Ice Cream Man
Released: April 16, 1996
Label: No Limit/Priority

Download: TRU – “Swamp Ni**a”

Song: “Swamp Ni**a”
Album: Tru 2 Da Game
Released: February 18, 1997
Label: No Limit/Priority