Song of the Week: Outkast feat. Goodie Mob – “Git Up, Git Out”


This weeks “Song of the Week” is one of my all time favorites. It actually wakes me up every morning (Literally, it plays on my alarm clock everyday). Outkast’s “Git Up, Git Out” featuring Goodie Mob’s Cee-Lo and Big Gipp, to me, is one of the most inspirational Hip-Hop songs of all-time. They don’t come off as too preachy because they relate their own stories of experiencing times when they were wasting their life (Who doesn’t remember Cee-Lo’s opening line, “I don’t recall ever graduating at all”). I can’t say too much about this track that it can’t say for it’s self, so if you haven’t heard this song, get out from under a rock and check it out.

Download: Outkast featuring Goodie Mob – “Git Up, Git Out”

Album: Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik
Released: April 26, 1994
Label: LaFace/Arista