The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly: Alicia Keys, King Magazine, & Little Brother


It’s back by popular demand, well sort of! But after seeing some of the responses we have been getting on the site, we decided to keep coming with that “Blue Magic!” Enough of the talking, let’s get to the meat!

THE GOOD: Alicia Keys

I can’t front, I didn’t used think that she was fly, but after seeing Smokin Aces (I know, I’m late) with her dressed as a hooker, WOOOO! Then I caught her on 106 & Park in those black jeans, WOOOO! (Shout out to Thic Flair!), and let’s not forget the video for her new song “No One.” After seeing all of that, I wonder if Jay-Z has the hottest chick in the game wearing his chain. But we will do more digging into that next week!

THE BAD: King Magazine’s Recent Covers

King Magazine used to make me hide them from the wife, but now, THEY SUCK…THE END! King isn’t in the business of breaking new models in; they are just messing with the actresses and TV personalities. What happened to the days of Buffie, Ki-Toy, Vida, Khrysti Hill, and Melyssa Ford? If they have a shortage of women to keep the men entertained, what about putting Adult film stars in King?! Of course they will have to put on some clothes! Think about it, Pinky in King or maybe Roxy Reynolds in it! You couldn’t keep those on the shelves.

THE UGLY: Little Brother pushing less than 10K in the first week

WOW, I thought with this album the world would catch on, but men lie, women lie, numbers don’t! The leak might have hurt, but everybody album leaks. But 10K in the first week is absurd! Little Brother has a great album (We rated it 4.5 stars out of 5) and nobody went to the stores to buy it? Come on people, we have to support the artists that are keeping Hip-Hop alive. Download the garbage and purchase that real stuff. Lil’ Wayne on the album alone should have been 50-75K, but without a single getting major spins on radio, the group couldn’t cash in on its recent success. But don’t fret LB, still got love for you!