iPod Hustle: Saigon, Thugnificent, Alicia Keys, & 50 Cent


People ask me all the time; “B-Easy, what you rocking to right now?” or “B, what’s on your iPod?” Okay, maybe they e-mail me the questions too. But, I really never answer the questions because the music I listen to is constantly changing. Well, thanks to modern technology, I can now see what songs I listen to the most thanks to my ever present iPod. So here is just a sample of the songs that are burning up my iPod recently. Welcome to 4 Songs From My iPod, iPod Shuffle, iPod Hustle.

Saigon feat. Jay-Z & Swizz Beatz – “C’mon Baby (remix)” [LISTEN]
from the upcoming album The Greatest Story Never Told


Man you KNOW I was pissed off that Saigon’s album got pushed back…again! Even though December was already packed with Hip-Hop/Rap releases, the one I anticipated most was Saigon. Well, at least I got this song; I’ve been waiting on this one for a second too. The song is you basic Just Blaze shit, nothing really different from the original beside Hov’s verse and new ones from Saigon. It’s funny, even when Jay-Z is going at half speed, he’s still better than most rappers out. Sai did his thing on the song too. I hope one day he finally gets to shine, but I seriously doubt it that day will ever come.

Thugnificent feat. Flownominal, Macktastic, & Nate Dogg – “Eff Granddad” [LISTEN]
from the album From Rag To Bitches [from The Boondocks episode “The Story of Thugnificent”]


If you know me, you know that The Boondocks is one of my favorites shows on TV (King Jerm, you still need to join the movement homie)! The 5th episode of the second season proved to be one of the best of the whole series. After moving in to the suburbs across the street from the Freeman’s, rapper Thugnificent (straight outta Terra-Belle, Georgia) has a neighborhood dispute with Granddad Freeman and hilarity ensues. What I like so much about this episode is the Rap clichés that are being made fun off; trust me, there are too many to name. Check out the cameos: Snoop Dogg as Macktastic, Busta Rhymes as Flownominal, Sway from MTV, Xzibit, and Fatman Scoop. If you haven’t seen this episode yet, you need to check out the video here first. If you have already seen it, click on the song and laugh again.

Alicia Keys feat. John Mayer – “Lesson Learned” [LISTEN]
from the album As I Am


Yea, this song is NOT Hip-Hop/Rap. But, damn, sometimes you gotta applaud dope shit no matter where it comes from. What? Sometimes a brother doesn’t necessarily have to listen to Rap all the time! Anyway, the new Alicia Keys album is straight fire and to be honest, I could have put any song on here from the new album and been happy. So, guys into Hip-Hop and loyal nappyafro male readers, turn off the Jeezy for a second and put on some Keys. Your girl will thank me later.

50 Cent feat. Tony Yayo & Lloyd Banks – “I’m On Some Shit” [LISTEN]
from the mixtape Sabrina’s Baby Boy (G-Unit Radio Part 25)


This song has been out for few months, but I still jamming to it. Even though I haven’t really listened to G-Unit since the No Mercy, No Fear days, this song reminds me off back then when the G-Unit shit wasn’t so watered down. Rocking over a Killarmy beat (I think?), the chemistry here between the 50, Yayo, and Banks is unquestionable. The surprise here is the unlikely awesome verse from Tony Yayo; “When I catch you niggas, I put the tec to niggas. Virginia Tech you niggas, but I ain’t Chinese, I got two glocs, I call ‘em Siamese.” Hey, I gotta admit, Tony been stepping up lately. Will I buy an album by him? Hell no, but I’m just saying. Maybe all this will translate into G-Unit dropping a halfway decent product when their new album Shoot To Kill drops this December.