Cormega – Who Am I? [Review]

Who Am I

Hey peeps, yeah P Body had to get ya’ll another review right before the Thanksgiving Day starts. I hope all of you people out there eat good including the “internet gangstas” that have something to say about me; also be safe, listen to good music, and love each other! Okay enough of that shit, lets get to the goodie bag, and dig up the new LP from Cormega. Cormega is probably known for his guest appearance off of Nasir’s “Affirmative Action” off It Was Written, which is one of my favorite rap albums (the tracks and the creativity was wild to me). I loved it!! Also Nas gave Cormega (Who was in prison at the time) a shout out on “One Love” from Illmatic, just incase people didn’t know who he was talking about. Now fast forward from 96 to 07, Cormega, and Nas still haven’t spoke and beefing. They need to squash it and collab once more.

Now let me get to the album, lets see if this album is any good or just another throwaway album like a lot of albums out in the 2000’s.

First song is called “Sleep Well”; I like this joint. The track on here is dope and Cormega hasn’t lost his steps with the lyrics. The sample to this track is just nice! “Fake rappers wouldn’t bust a U-Turn but they claim they bust shit”; that line he said goes out to a lot of you fake gangsta rappers out there. You don’t have to shoot people to be hardcore or whatever the fuck you wanna be when you grow up. Okay next track, “718” which features Fame of M.O.P. I like this song too; this song is short as hell though. It’s barely 2:30 minutes long; I think it was a waste of a good beat. They should have ridden the track to at least 3:40 or something; dope sample! Song is pretty hot to me. “Use Mad Clips”; this song has Styles P on it. I like the beat as well, so far Cormega has some nice beats on the album. Everybody understands the concept just from the title of the song. I kinda like this song in a way, I’m not too fond of the chorus though. Just being real folks! Next song “Lookin At It”; he has Jacka, Kneak Da Sneak, and Yukmouth from The Luniz. I like this song in a way, it’s different. The beat to this one is nice, laid back; not really a lot going on in the beat. Yukmouth rapping isn’t too bad. The last dude on the track rapping, his voice is very different, I must say…… “Ryder Muzik” which features Tradegy Kadafi is alright; not too bad. I like the beat as well to this one since it reminds me of something that would have came out in 99-02 era; which isn’t a bad thing. “Throwback Homies” which is an accapella from Hejaz. His voice is different and he spits okay too. I felt like they could have took this out but maybe I’m wrong…“Professional Style” which features AZ, and Nature. Where is Nas?? Nas and these guys need to squash it; I want to hear them together once more!! This song is pretty nice though, AZ is spitting like usual. Nature doing his thing as well. Dope beat, but in today’s rap climate, the fans out there probably wouldn’t like it since they are so use to hearing a lot of the crappy beats. “What Mobsters Do?”; the beat to this is nice as hell too. I’m digging this shit, once again its a cliche type cut but they way they are doing it, and the track is nice. “Stuntin (Remix)” which features Hell Rell. Hmmmm, I’m not the biggest Diplomat fan… This song is okay, but its not my thing. The beat is pretty hot to me but I just can’t see myself bumping the song 3 times a day or anything like that. Maybe 2 a week. Everybody like to use the Screwed up shit nowadays, pay tribute to DJ Screw folks!! “Time”features Ransom, and Nicole Wray. This song isn’t bad but its not my favorite though, it got that 80’s feel to it, not the rap style but the actual drum kits and shit like that. Ya’ll get the point! Next is “The Rap Game” featuring Little Brother. Speaking of Little Brother, y’all people that claim you want real hip hop, then go support the dudes’ albums! Anyways I like the beat, and I like the song as well. It’s really laid back and different. Dope sample with dudes really spitting. Next is “Triboro”; I like the guitars on the track and the piano. This song is okay but for some reason this first rapper sounds like 50 in a way, I don’t know why but his voice just reminds me of him. I like the story telling on here. Nice work Cormega! “Live From The Caves”; I love this track.. The sample is dope as hell! It got this old vintage New York sound! Even though I’m from the South, I like this shit though. Okay people this boils down to the last cut “King Me”; this song starts off with a dude talking in a screwed up formation. I have to say this; I hate when people knock our style but tend to copy it. Nobody doesn’t really do the screwed up joints better than Screw himself, DJ Paul & Juicy J, and Michael Watts. I had to get that out. Okay this song isn’t bad, this does sound like something that would be at the end of the CD. The beat is pretty dope too. I don’t see myself listening to it a lot though, the raps get kinda boring to me after a while.

Bottom Line:
Well I have to say, I’m impressed with the album. This is one of the best albums of 07 for me, its been a lot of bullshit out.. Then again its been some good shit like UGK’s Underground Kingz, Blu & Exile’s Below The Heavens, Common’s Finding Forever, Jay-Z’s American Gangster, Kanye West’s Graduation, and Talib Kweli’s Eardrum. Can’t wait for that Scarface joint too. Anyways, this album is pretty good to me and I can see myself listening to it while I’m on the train going to work or in the car stuck on the highway. I wish Nas was on here though, but I like the fact he had recruited unknown rappers on here as well instead following the same trend by recruiting the same producers and guest artists. That shit gets boring, and that’s one reason why Hip-Hop sales are declining. Too many people are putting the same people on shit, and not taking any chances with sound, but if they do put somebody different, they tend to rap like somebody we heard before, so it’s like you just can’t win! Also record labels are the reason, I’ll explain some other time about that shit. So Cormega keep them coming homie! I’m feeling this shit!

nappy Picks: “Sleep Well”, “718”, “Lookin’ At It”, “Professional Style”, “What Mobsters Do”, & “Triboro”

Download: Cormega feat. Little Brother – “The Rap Game”

Download: Cormega featuring Donnie Castro, Sick Jacken, Cynic Of The Psycho Realm, & Sick Symphonies – “Live From The Caves”