Jozeemo – Cry Now L.A.F. Later


Hailing from the streets of Durham, N.C by the way of Chicago, Jozeemo aims some lyrical hollow points at the listeners on Cry Now L.A.F. Later. A Hall of Justus member, but don’t let that fool you, his music is from/for the streets. Not just talking the talk, Jozeemo walks the walk, spending two years doing some FED time for gun possession. But that’s not what he is all about, when he’s not slaying cats on the mic; he’s with his L.O.B crew trying to make a living. But let’s dig deeper into the disc to see what Jozeemo has to say.

Cry Now LAF Later
Produced by Lava
Starts off with some dialogue from a movie, then Jozeemo jumps on the track like a trampoline! Lines like, “I figured that you never heard nothing like this from the HOJ, well this ain’t your day!” Good start to the album!

Gunz Up
Featuring Gram; Produced by Mike Blayz
On this one you have Joe and Gram putting in work over a guitar laced track. The aggressive flow compliments the track perfectly.

Produced by K. Slack
This is BANGER right here! Joe hits us with lines like, “No I don’t remember you from high school, I don’t know you from the county, we ain’t kick in the fed camp, dead that, calm down for you fuck around and get your head cracked, I heard about the bible, but sorry I never read that!” Like he said, he’s not rapping he’s talking about his life!

Featuring J-Tek; Produced by Don Cannon
Cannon laced Jozeemo on this one, and he didn’t disappoint on the track! Jozeemo and J-Tek do the back and forth thing on this one. The track being so nice makes it easy for them to flow over it.

I’m That Nigga
Produced by Khrysis
Once again we have Jozeemo flowing over a sick beat, this one better than the last one. But Jozeemo doesn’t get outshined by the production on the song. CHECK IT OUT!

Ya Hear Me
Produced by 9th Wonder
Joe talks to God on this one, letting him know that there is a method to his madness. He’s not out there hustling just to hustle. He’s out there on the grind to provide for the fam.

We Don’t Wait
Featuring L.O.C; Produced by Ill Mind
The beat on this is nice, the lyrics are on point. The only problem I have is the way the hook is sung. Maybe done a different way and it would’ve been fine. Besides that part the song is decent.

Who We Are
Featuring Joe Scudda; Produced by Evidence
On this one we have them repping their cities on the track, being from N.C. wish someone would have repped for Greensboro on this one! But Durham and Raleigh do their thing FOR REAL!

Stick Up
Featuring Louwey V; Produced by Black Jeruz
The track sounds very southern on this one, and that is a good thing. This is one that could bump all over the South; maybe a remix with Luda or Jeezy would be hot. CHECK IT OUT!

What You Lookin At
Featuring Shelly B; Produced by Mike Blayz
This sounds like a club song, the first slip up by Jozeemo on this album. The song is out of his comfort zone. Sounds forced…SKIP!

Didn’t Wanna Leave
Featuring Kal Royale; Produced by K. Hill
This is a fun song, not in a Puffy/Mase way, but in street way. The track is banging and the flows are good. The streets will respect this one.

All I Ask
Featuring Carlita Durand; Produced by Skaz Digga
Jozeemo made a one for the ladies. But remember THUGS NEED LOVE TOO! So I ain’t mad, because it still has that edginess to it that the hardest dude could appreciate.

What It’s Like
Featuring O.C. & O Sin; Produced by Ill Phil
This flow sounds dated, but Jozeemo sounds like Petey Pablo on this song. He sounds real SOUTHERN. His verse is live, but O.C. sucked it up. O Sin’s verse was decent. The song is still good.

Lose It
Featuring Little Brother; Produced by Khrysis
LB jumps on a track with Jozeemo and they kill it! Nothing else needs to be said. BLAZING!

Produced by Khrysis
The production by Khrysis makes it easy for Joe to deliver a sick song. The beat is nice and Jozeemo’s words flow out easily. This is a tight song; you got to hear this one.

Bottom Line:
This album was definitely a change from what I’ve been listening to. Jozeemo made a name for himself on this one. He said he is not rapping; he’s talking about his life. When he does that, it comes easy to him, and that translates to the listeners. His topics aren’t forced and you can hear that from track to track. He stuck to his formula and it worked out in his favor. If you want to know more about Jozeemo go and check out