Song of the Week: Jay-Z – “Threat (9th Wonder Remix)”

It has somehow been a busy and still lazy few days for the folks at nappyafro. We have either been too busy or too lazy to do any posts (I have personally been both). And while we do have big projects in the works, we have to keep up appearances and that’s when I pull out a Song of the Week post. Extra points for it being a Jay-Z song.

This edition of Song of the Week calls back to a time when taking Jigga vocals and putting them over different beats was a thing. Danger Mouse’s The Grey Album (Which mixed Jay’s The Black Album with The Beatles’ White Album) popularized this trend in the early 2000’s and was probably the best of the bunch. 9th Wonder did a least a few of these types of projects with Black is Back (The Black Album + 9th Wonder production) and God’s Stepson (Nas’s God’s Son + 9th Wonder production). The song I chose today is the former (Of course).

Now that I think about it, I really liked the Black is Back project. It has the dope remix of “December 4th” that I already have written about.

This week’s song is “Threat (Remix). What’s weird is that Black is Black actually has two remixes of “Threat” with the one featured here being the better of the two mainly due to the sample of Luther Vandross’s “Don’t You Know That” (I also just remembered that 9th Wonder also produced the official version of “Threat” on The Black Album).

Enough of my rambling. Check out the track below.