Song of the Week: Redman – “Can’t Wait”


Redman is one of Hip-Hop’s dopest and funniest MC’s ever. “The Funk Doctor Spock” had many classic songs in the 90’s, but the 2000’s gave us a different Redman. He went the Hollywood route and became a crossover star, but he never strayed away from his core audience. Redman kept it “real” to the fans by refusing to go (all-the-way) pop, and he even invited us into his home on the infamous MTV Cribs show. To this day, I still think that was his real crib at the time. Two things Redman never let you forget; his love for BIG GIRLS and his love for the MARY JANE! For some of you this song will bring back some good memories, and for the rest, this might be a introduction to the man the government calls Reggie Noble! So enjoy this installment of Song of the Week!

Download: Redman- “Can’t Wait”

Album: Dare Iz A Darkside
Released: November 22, 1994
Label: Def Jam