The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly: Sports Edition


Since it’s been slow in Hip-Hop, I decided to bring back the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly…Sports Edition! This time we have LeBron, Super Bowl XLII, and the Miami Heat making a stop through. Well let’s get to it!

THE GOOD: The matchup we have in Super Bowl XLII New York Giants vs. New England Patriots

Who would have thought the last game of the season was a preview for the Super Bowl? Nobody in America thought for a second that Eli and the Giants would fight their way through the NFC gauntlet to make it to Glendale, Arizona and have a shot at spoiling history…AGAIN! But this time I think the Giants are a different team and I expect a different result. My Pick: Giants 24 Patriots 22

THE BAD: The New York Yankee LeBron’s!
Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning GOOD! Now you know LeBron caught a lot of flack for supporting the Yankees this past season. But check these out! Well, I think the shoes are hot, but I like the Yankees. But seeing that Bron-Bron is near iconic status in Cleveland, he doesn’t need to upset the hometown folks who fill those seats nightly, and buy his jerseys! But does he really have pull for the Indians?

THE UGLY: The Miami HEAT (8-32) including 14 losses in a row!

FALL FROM GRACE! Where else can you have a team that’s only 1 ½ years removed from a championship and STINK this bad? I thought this Wade/O’Neal tandem was the next big thing, but injuries and old age has crippled this team. Shaq’s hobbled, Wade is still not 100%, and the losses keep coming. Look for old Riles to be jumping ship soon. You know he doesn’t like to stay on a sinking ship!