Classic Material: Special Ed – Youngest In Charge [1989]


Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, the then 16 year old Special Ed released his debut album titled Youngest in Charge back in 1989. You couldn’t deny the young Brooklynite’s swagger on songs like “I Got it Made”, “I’m the Magnificent”, “Taxing”, and “Think About It.” He was giving you flossy music back in 89 with lines like, “My name is Special Ed and I’m a super-duper star/Ever other week I get a brand new car/Got twenty, that’s plenty yet I still want more/Kinda fond of Honda scooters–got seventy-four/I got the riches–to fulfill my needs/Got land in the sand of the West Indies/Even got a little island of my very own/I gotta frog–a dog with a solid gold bone!” A solid gold bone…DAMN! The album had that 80’s feel to it with one producer and perhaps one mic, by the way some of the tracks sound. But what makes the album special is that it came from a 16 YEAR OLD! At the time teenagers weren’t spitting up to the level of the vets, but Ed changed all that! For what it’s worth, this album was named as one of the 100 Greatest Rap Albums by The Source magazine. If you haven’t heard this one, go get it! This is a classic LP that must not be ignored!

Example: Special Ed – “Think About It”