The Bonus Tracks From Tha Carter III


Okay, so from the numbers of visitors, I can see that you all love (or either really hate) Lil’ Wayne’s new album. Well, today is the day that Tha Carter III is officially released in stores and everybody is waiting to see what the numbers will look like. Well, while we wait on that, here are various bonus tracks from the different versions of the Tha Carter III. I ain’t gonna lie, I really haven’t check them out yet. Tell me what you think; do they make the album better? Or is it a good choice that he made these songs “bonus” tracks? Enjoy.


Download: Lil’ Wayne – “Action” (U.K. Bonus)

Download: Lil’ Wayne – “Prostitute 2” (iTunes Bonus)

Download: Lil’ Wayne – “Whip It” (Deluxe Edition Bonus)