RZA – Digi Snacks [Review]

RZA - Digi Snacks

While Hip-Hop used to be his only hustle, now RZA is making more noise in Hollywood with his sound. However he hasn’t forgot about his fans. Dropping his fourth solo album, Digi Snacks, RZA looks to capitalize on the shaky market. RZA already has a Platinum and Gold plaque for two previous efforts; can he strike Gold again with Digi Snacks? *All tracks produced by RZA except noted.

Digi Snacks (Intro)
The albums intro starts off with some cinematic production; it seems to tell a story from just the music. Nice beat and RZA just rides the wave for the intro. GOOD START.

Long Time Coming
Once again Bobby drops a gem on the production side with this one. The lyrics are on point (for RZA) and I’m really feeling this one.

U Can’t Stop Me Now
Featuring Inspectah Deck
RZA puts together a bluesy “juke joint” sounding beat and immediately I start thinking about Kill Bill. RZA and Deck are in storytelling mode but RZA shines on Deck on the song detailing their lives in a verse.

Straight Up The Block
Produced by David Banner
Your eyes aren’t deceiving you; yes that’s RZA and David Banner. RZA changes his voice on the track, no not the T-Pain thing, like when Nas did his thing. RZA actually flipped it like a Southern cat! I like it, its fun, and I know some Wu fans aren’t going to dig this!

Booby Trap
Featuring Dexter Wiggles
The production continues to be top notch so far, but I must say the hook on this one is SICK! This song is crazy! RZA’s sample and the tone that Dexter Wiggles uses are NUTS! BANGER!

Try Ya Ya Ya
Featuring Monk & Thea van Seijen
Once again you get classic RZA production on this one with a thumping beat, some drums and a nice loop. What I like about the song is the way RZA’s unorthodox flow fit well on the track. HOT!

Good Night
Featuring Rev. William Burk, Crisis, & Thea van Seijen
I kind of like the beat on this one, the hook is kind of dreamy, but the production brings it through for RZA more often than not. The other rappers just seem to ride along without saying anything major.

No Regrets
RZA shows his versatility on this track where he speeds up the flow and even does the Jay-Z “whisper flow” on the song. My favorite line “godfather like Brando, you can download my flow on your iPod nano!” This might be another one of those ones that the Wu faithful might skip, but it’s different for Bobby.

Money Don’t Own Me
Featuring Monk; Produced by Stone Mecca
This song is screaming for ODB! The production is on the blunted side, and the lyrics are decent on the track. This isn’t on the must see list, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad.

Featuring Black Knights, Northstar, Thea van Seijen, & Dexter Wiggles; Produced by King Tech
I like the hook a play off a nursery rhyme that goes over well with the casserole beat (meaning a lot of different elements.) But Bobby steals the show with this line in my book, “Bobby covered in ice like its Frosty the Snowman/ you suckers is useless like old New York tokens!” Everybody that rhymed on this one brought the wood! BANGER!

Featuring Monk & Thea van Seijen
This is a tight song right here. Once again Thea’s vocals are on point, and Bobby and Monk are talking about the ups and downs of life. If you listen to the beat, it’s like RZA incorporated every sound he had in the background! GOOD SONG!

Up Again
Featuring Beretta 9, Rev William Burk, George Clinton, & El DeBarge
The track has a very simple beat, which is a change from all the other tracks on the record. One thing I don’t like is the talking where the hook is supposed to be. Nothing major here, even with the big names on the track.

Put Your Guns Down
Featuring Star
This is the first song I had to hit SKIP on! The beat is by far my least favorite on the whole album. The hook isn’t as good as the other ones. SKIP!

Love is Digi Part 2
Featuring Beretta 9, Crisis, & Thea van Seijen
Wow, Bobby dropped back to back duds! This song is very different than the original. Thea’s vocals get old, but this song is totally boring. NEXT!

O Day
RZA takes it back to the old days “dododododo” (digital sound) with this one. If you like that style, then you will dig this one. He even called ODB the GOAT at the end of the track. HOT!

Don’t Be Afraid
The production is back on the song, and Bobby gives us his classic flow and magical samples. This is Bobby at his best. What a way to close out an album, even though it’s a bonus song. BANGER.

Bottom Line:
When I was first asked to do this, I thought about the whopping I took about the Killah Priest review, so I went in with an open mind, and RZA put together a good album. Even first time listeners will be able to digest RZA’s fun but at times razor sharp lyrics. This album impressed me with the production, not that I thought that RZA didn’t have it, but I forgot that he used to be the dopest in the game. So if you want to experience a good album with STELLAR production, pick up Digi Snacks. This album will satisfy the average listeners even to the diehard Wu faithful.

nappyPicks: “Booby Trap”, “Creep”, “Try Ya Ya Ya”, “O Day”… I have to be honest you need to cop this!

Download: RZA feat. Dexter Wiggles – “Booby Trap”