DMF of the Week: Yung Berg


The responses for the DMF have become overwhelming! I wasn’t going to do it this week, until Yung Berg decided to pop off at the mouth. No we’re not talking about the Flo Rida’s hairline…line, but what he had to say about my chocolate sisters!

“I’m kinda racist… I don’t really like dark butts too much… It’s rare that I do dark butts. Like really rare… It’s like, no darker than me. No darker than me. I love the pool test…. If you can be like ‘Yo, baby. I met you in the club. Let’s go back to my house. Jump in the pool exactly like you are.’–And you don’t come looking better wet than you were before you got in the pool then that’s not a good look. Any woman that uses brown gel to set down her baby hair is not poppin” (You can listen to the ignorance here).

Wow! YB has really taken it there! How are you going to alienate your female fan base like that? So when these “dark butts” stop supporting you, I hope you have enough light and damn near white fans to keep your Transformer chain out the pawn shop! Look at these two “dark butts” how can you turn these down?


Congratulations Yung Berg, you are the DMF of the WEEK!