Good Songs by Bad Rappers


When you name the greats in Hip-Hop, who do you name? 2Pac, Biggie, Jigga, Nasty Nas, Weezy, Outkast, etc. But each and everyone of those artists made a slip-up in their career: 2Pac had fillers on All Eyes on Me (and all of those albums AFTER he died), Biggie had a copule slip-ups on Life After Death, Jigga had Vol. 1, Nas had Nastradamus, Weezy had that “La La” song from C3, and Outkast had that “Mamacita” song, though King Jerm will tell you different. But all of these artists were named great because they came consistent on most of the albums that they released, give or take one or two.

However, on the flipside, there are artists that are so horribly bad, we turn down the stereo whenever we hear their names! When you think of who sucks in Hip-Hop right now, or even who’s mediocre, who do you think of? Soulja Boy, Chingy, Nelly, Shawty LO, Yung Berg, Plies, Yung Joc, etc. I’ll just stop there: If I keep going, this column will never end! I don’t mean to diss the South or anything, but damn! All of these dudes aren’t most lyrical, but I do respect them for coming from a bad situation and making some cash; that’s real. But that doesn’t mean we have to listen to their music, especially when it’s not good.

However, out of nowhere, even mediocre rappers like these have unbelievable strokes of genius that make their music, or at least one song…actually good! Usually, this genius lasts for 3-4 minutes, and the when the song is over, they go back to sucking. So I figure if we can point where good rappers go wrong we can point out where bad rappers actually made a good song. Let’s go…

“Right Thurr” by Chingy
I loved this song when it came out, and I was like only 11 years old! This song was crazy, and it was really simple, with some country jargon in it: not “Right There” but “Right Thurr”. It’s just too bad that that 5 years later, this is STILL his best song. That sucks, because Chingy is one of those people that the Hip-Hop world will forever look at as a lame, no matter what he does skill-wise.

“Hot In Herre” by Nelly
This was the song of the summer, and the reason why Nellyville is his most successful album. He won a Grammy off this song, and it coined the line: “It’s getting hot in herre(so hot)/So take off all your clothes”. Then you’ve got the ladies in the background saying: “I am…gettin’ so hot…I’m gonna take my clothes off…” in some breathy voice. It was great! Its one of those songs you can not listen to for years, come back to it, and still jam to it. Too bad Nelly is in the same boat with Chingy: he will forever be looked at as a lame, though that song “Stepped On My J’z” is kind of hot.

“Let Me Get ‘Em (Shootout)” by Soulja Boy
I heard this song when the music video for it came out, and it sounded a lot different from what Soulja Boy usually does. He even claimed to have a dance for this one, but I’m glad he didn’t showcase it as much as he did for the Soulja Boy, because I had already had enough of that one. But the only thing that sucks about it is the warning in the front of it saying it’s “just a dance”. Of course it’s just a dance! No one would believe Soulja Boy actually carries heat. But it you can fast foward past that, its a good song, probably the best on his album.

“Dey Know” by Shawty LO
I could put the remix up here, but I decided to go with the one that started it all. Ever wonder why there are so many remixes? Well, people heard the beat and then they heard Shawty LO on it, and were like DAMN! Shawty LO messed this beat up! I can’t stand his whisper type flow and all that shit, but I can’t front: the beat is the shit. It keeps me coming back every single time. This is one of those songs you know you hate, but keep bangin’ in your car anyway.

“It’s Goin’ Down” by Yung Joc
This another song you really want to hate, but its too addictive!! I mean, I could come up with some shit like this, for real. But Yung Joc is the first nigga that’s brave enough to put it down. This nigga had everyone, even white kids doing The Motorcycle. I remember my mom was driving me home from school on day, and she turned on the radio, and when this song came on, she was straight up jammin’ to it! I was like damn! This one single helped Joc go platnum. But don’t listen to it; you’ll never stop!

“100 Years” by Plies
I don’t know why, but I like this song. It’s basically about how messed up the justice system is, and was controversial to all the white people who listen to Hip-Hop because of the word Cracka, which Plies uses like every other line. But this music is really true in that it portrays a clear view of how society is and what its like. THIS is the kind of music we need: instead of rappers talking about how many jewels they have and their car. Its kind of funny how every song on Plies’ album but this was THAT kind of song, but it was a nice change.

“Sexy Can I” by Ray J featuring Yung Berg
I was looking for a good Yung Berg song, and I was out of luck, so I just put this up here. Ray J did all of the work on this song, and it shows more than anything. Remember how Berg was talking about the “Pool Test”?? Well he does here too! “Straight out the pool, no towel let it air dry”! I just noticed that when I was listening to this song a while ago. I bet Ray J didn’t even know what Berg was talking about then; maybe he’ll think twice before putting him on a song with him next time!