Statik Selektah – Stick 2 The Script [Review]

Back in June of this year I brought Statik Selektah to nappyafro in the form of a Rewind Review of his debut release album Statik Selektah Presents Spell My Name Right (The Album). Being the underground Hip Hop head that I am, I was anticipating this album along with Termanology’s album Politics As Usual last month, especially after seeing the video for the song “To The Top (Stick To The Script)”. Now one month and one release later, Statik Selektah delivers his sophomore album entitled Stick 2 The Script. Immediately after reading the title you get the idea that Statik Selektah decided to stick with the same formula of boom-bap beats and lyrical assassins that he blessed us with on his debut. Some people say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, so lets see if this formula worked for Statik the second time around.

1. Stick 2 The Script (Intro)
Produced by Statik Selektah
This is your basic intro track with Statik Selektah picking up right where he left off on his debut album. Statik produces a piano driven beat letting the listeners know that he’s back for a second round and that they should be prepared for nothing less than the best.

2. To The Top (Stick 2 The Script)
Featuring Cassidy, Saigon, & Termanology; Produced by Statik Selektah
The album kicks right off in a major way with the first released single off the project. Statik Selektah delivers some great sounding production on this track for Cassidy, Saigon, and Termanology to spit some hard rhymes over. All three emcees attack the mic with force but Cassidy shows that he hasn’t lost a step with his punchline heavy verse that steals the show. Check out the Rik Cordero video for this song, it’s amazing as he directs it Reservoir Dog style. Rik Cordero is that dude!!!

3. For The City
Featuring M.O.P. & Jadakiss; Produced by Statik Selektah
Statik Selektah takes us back on this track with a hard-hitting beat equipped with the New Jack City sampled acapella. M.O.P. and Jadakiss bless this track with some nicely delivered rhymes. M.O.P. get down for the crown on this song as Jada takes a more casual approach with his verse. Statik Selektah adds some scratching at the end to complete the track.

4. Get Out The Way
Featuring Bun B & Cory Mo; Produced by Statik Selektah
On this track Statik Selektah decides to take us down to the South in Texas to hook up with the legendary Bun B and his partner Cory Mo. Statik produces a beat that somewhat fits the Texas natives, but it seems a little lacking (maybe the oriental sounds). Both emcees drop some nice verses that support the beat and make this track listenable to an extent.

5. All 2gether Now
Featuring Freeway, Peedi Crakk, & Young Chris; Produced by Statik Selektah
This is a track that a lot of people have been waiting for a while to hear. A State Property reunion track (sort of) with original members Freeway, Peedi Crack, and Young Chris. Statik Selektah delivers some menacing production on this track for the emcee to get down on. No emcee really outdoes another on this song but Freeway definitely brought some energy to the track with his flow and delivery. It was good to hear State Property back on a track together, but now we need a full reunion (where’s Beanie Mack at???)

6. Interlude
Featuring Q-Tip; Produced by Statik Selektah
This interlude track features Q-Tip doing his best Busta Rhymes impersonation as he gives a shout to Statik Selektah over a dope produced beat by Statik Selektah. With such a good beat I would have enjoyed hearing Q-Tip spit some rhymes over it but we just get a drop instead.

7. Church
Featuring Termanology; Produced by Statik Selektah
Statik Selektah hooks up a soulful vibe on this track as his production lays the backdrop for Termanology to spit his signature rhymes over. Fresh off his debut album release, Termanology shows you why he’s one of the best upcoming rappers in the industry today. I swear Termanology has some crazy punchlines (“Shorty opened her legs, it smelled like Chinatown”)…wow for real?!!!??.

8. Talkin’ Bout You (Ladies)
Featuring Skyzoo, Joell Ortiz, & Talib Kweli; Produced by Statik Selektah
I thought the previous track was soulful, but this one completely blows it out of the water. Statik Selektah borrows a page from 9th Wonder (I heard 9th use the same sample on one of his beats a while back) and produces a soul filled beat for the Brooklyn Connection (Skyzoo, Joell Ortiz, and Talib Kweli) to talk about the ladies on. This is a real soulful track that you can just sit back and groove to while thinking about the ladies.

9. On The Marquee
Featuring Little Brother, Joe Scudda, & Chaundon; Produced by Statik Selektah
From NY we take it down to NC as Statik Selektah hooks up with Little Brother, Joe Scudda, and Chaudon. Statik Selektah really has a soul vibe going as he produces yet another soul filled beat for these emcees to drop lyrics on. This beat sounds like a perfect fit for Little Brother as Phonte does some great singing on the chorus. How could you not enjoy music like this…we need more of this in Hip Hop seriously!!!

10. Mr. Popularity
Featuring Consequence; Produced by Statik Selektah
Talk about a dark, menacing beat, Statik Selektah produces an ominous one for Consequence to deliver some great rhymes over. This song is the 2nd single off the album and it’s a good choice, as Consequence speaks much about 2Pac and his death as well as the lifestyle of somebody popular.

11. Interlude
Featuring The Madd Rapper
On this interlude track we see the return of The Madd Rapper as he tries to give a drop for Statik Selektah on his album but can’t quite seem to get his name right (“Frantic Inspector”…”Inspector Gadget”…”Static Cling”). I guess Madd Rapper should have listened to the debut album and learned how to spell his name right as well as say it right. Funny shit on this interlude.

12. This Is It (Showoff Remix)
Featuring D-Dot, Redman, & Black Rob; Produced by Statik Selektah
Statik Selektah delivers some very nice production on this track that sees D-Dot, Redman, and Black Rob spitting some rhymes over it. Redman sounds real hungry on this track spitting some good rhymes and it’s good to hear Black Rob back in the mix of things.

13. So Good (Live From The Bar)
Featuring Naledge, Reks, & CL Smooth; Produced by Statik Selektah
Statik Selektah comes right back on this track with some lively production equipped with the horns as Naledge, Reks, and CL Smooth all get down on the track. Reks and CL Smooth deliver some really good rhymes on the track, but Naledge steals the show with his free flowing verse. As always it was good to hear a Hip-Hop legend like CL Smooth dropping some rhymes.

14. Streets Of M.A.
Featuring Masspike Miles, Termanology, Reks, Slaine, & More; Produced by Statik Selektah
This is Statik Selektah’s track dedicated to his home Massachusetts along with the rappers that rep MA as well. Statik Selektah produces an average beat on this track with each emcee spitting a nice verse, but I don’t really think the singing on the chorus fits well with the song.

15. Sounds Of The Street (Interlude)
Featuring JFK; Produced by Statik Selektah
Statik Selektah produces an interesting sounding beat on this interlude track by building the beat off various sounds heard on the street. It’s a pretty unique beat in it’s own right as JFK spits a short verse about not only being a rapper in the game, but also a fan of the game.

16. Destined To Shine
Featuring Torae, Sha Stimuli, & Jon Hope; Produced by Statik Selektah
This track comes on with a bang as Statik Selektah produces a very epic sounding beat that nicely accompanies the rhymes from Torae, Sha Stimuli, and Jon Hope. Each emcee spits lines about being destined to shine and patiently waiting for that time to arrive.

17. Cali Nights
Featuring Glasses Malone, Mistah Fab, & Novel; Produced by Statik Selektah
Statik has taken us from the East Coast to the South and now we travel across country to the West Coast for a stop in Cali. The beat produced by Statik Selektah on this track is such a smooth track that it’s easy to see why the Cali emcees fit so well over it. Glasses Malone and Mistah Fab drop some good rhymes over the track while Novel makes it complete with his singing on the chorus.

18. Take It All Back
Featuring Reks, Ea$y Money, Royce Da 5’9”, & Paula Campbell; Produced by Statik Selektah
To finish off the album Statik Selektah produces a beat that has a reminiscing vibe to it that allows the emcees time to think back and recall. It was kind of surprising hearing Royce Da 5’9” on the track but he finds his fit and makes it work. The singing by Paula Campbell on the song is a real nice addition and a great way to end off the album.

Bottom Line:
At 18 total tracks, Statik Selektah provides the listeners with more than enough material to satisfy their listening crave for some real Hip-Hop music. In listening to the entire album you won’t really find a weak or bad track out of the bunch and after listening to Statik’s debut album Statik Selektah Presents Spell My Name Right (The Album) you can see that he has improved on some things while being able to keep the formula the same. Statik Selektah is really showing why he has become one of the best, underrated music producers in the game with the gems that he produced on this album. Like other compilation albums done by producers, he also showed that he has a knack for matching the right artists with the right track. If you haven’t heard of Statik Selektah or taken the time to listen to his debut album or various mixapes, then you should start with this album and introduce yourself to a great producer (then go back and listen to his previous releases). You won’t be disappointed by what Statik Selektah provides and hopefully you start to realize how much better underground Hip Hop is and has been for a long time.

nappyPicks: “To The Top (Stick 2 The Script)”, “On The Marquee”, “Talkin’ Bout You (Ladies)”, “Destined To Shine”, “Cali Nights”, “Take It All Back”, “This Is It (Showoff Remix)”, & “Mr. Popularity”

Download: Statik Selektah feat. Skyzoo, Joell Ortiz, & Talib Kweli – “Talkin’ Bout You (Ladies)”