Three Reasons Why Hip-Hop Needs Cam’ron


After seeing the response of my last column, I decided to bring it back again. This time we are discussing why Hip-Hop needs Cam’ron. I know a lot of you are shaking your heads right now, but trust me, WE NEED CAM! That is what has been missing over the last year. A lack of Cam spells a lull in Hip-Hop, and he might just be what the doctor ordered to get the game going back in the right direction.

1. Swagger is at an all time low. With all these rappers talking about “Swagger Like Us”, no one has swagger like Cam! We all know Cam invented “Swag Rap” so how can they have swag if they don’t have Cam? Maybe Jay needs to holler at Cam for his version of “Swagger Like Us” if he really wants to do big numbers. Cam used to rock seven chains at any given time with a purple mink coat, with some fur lined Air Force Ones, and driving a purple Lambo! Now who has swagger like that?

2. Rappers need a makeover. Look at the current trend in Hip-Hop, you have the “Rockstar” look, the “Hipster” look, and you got that “80’s” look, but neither one of these styles can compare to the style that Cam brings to the table. Who else had the hardest dude on the block wearing pink? In fact, who is the reason that pink became fashionable for guys? Cam is the answer to both of those questions. Dudes wasn’t wearing purses when Cam was the “epitome” of fashion in Hip-Hop!

3. There isn’t any comedy in Hip-Hop anymore. You people remember when Cam was beefing with someone. Why was that some of the funniest material you ever heard? “How is a camel riding another Camel?” Or this one: “you look like a gorilla with rabbit teeth!” Say what you will about Cam and his rhymes, but the guy comes with straight comedy to his foes. Remember when he had O’Reilly all hot under the collar on his own show. “You mad…you mad…you mad!” The game needs this humor again.

I gave you my reasons why we need Cam’ron, and I hope he is reading this and gearing up for his big comeback. After hearing some of his latest material, I hope he takes it back to the blueprint on what made him a household name in the first place. Cam if you are listening…WE NEED YOU BACK! COME BACK AND SAVE HIP-HOP!