Song of the Week: Jay-Z – “All I Need”

It’s been almost a month since I did a Song of the Week, so let me break that streak right now. I’m making Jay-Z‘s “All I Need” the Song of the Week, primarily because I stumbled upon an Instagram post of Bink! playing the sample used and then the song. I assume this video is from the Nottz versus Bink! head-to-head event. Let me share some quick thoughts:

  • Of course, “All I Need” is off Jay-Z’s classic album, The Blueprint.
  • Bink! produced “All I Need” and sampled Natalie Cole’s “I Can’t Breakaway,” which is a crazy sample.
  • Bink! is super underrated.
  • This is another song where Jay-Z mentions Mickey and Mallory. He also mentions them on “Takeover.” After doing some research, this duo was actually named Billy Gamble and Jackie-O (not to be confused with Miami rapper Jacki-O), and they were signed to Roc-a-Fella. Has ANYBODY ever heard a song from these two?
  • I used to make a post around December 4th for Jay-Z’s birthday, but you can count this one.
  • I barely come out the house but I would definitely go to an event that producers just played samples and blends.

That’s all my thoughts. make sure your “bucket is low” and check out the Song of the Week below.