Songs of the Week: Joe Budden vs. Saigon


So I guess this whole beef between Joe Budden & Saigon is getting pretty heated huh? As of today (And I’m sure that will change soon), we have 4 diss songs of these two going back and forth. See, back in the day, we had to wait a while for beef records to come out: Dr. Dre disses Eazy-E on “Dre Day” then we’d have to wait months for “Real Muthaphuckkin G’s”. Now with the magic of the internets, we get a new diss song a day.

So what’s this whole beef about? BDub talked about it last week but I think it has to with a Budden line from 2007 referencing a video of Saigon running off stage after he punched Prodigy from Mobb Deep in the face. (“Soon as the wife gone, she jump on the python, they ain’t know I’m out to hit and run like Saigon”)…wait, really? That’s what this is about? Okay. Budden and Saigon went back and forth for a while in interviews. Then…

The first “official” shot came from Budden with “Letter To Saigon”. It wasn’t “Ether” but it was okay; something to start the battle. Joey got some shots in though: “Seem like in every interview niggas wanna mention dude/Took my good punchline got it misconstrued/Ain’t diss you then but nigga now I will/I’m just saying how I feel”.

Saigon came back with “Under-Achiever”. I really thought it was kinda boring. He got his shots in too by calling Joe’s son gay (Accompanied with a YouTube soundbite from Joe’s son) and continued the talk that Ransom started about Fabolous previously fucking/dating Joe’s girl: “Budden is a slouch/He’s kissing the bitch/Knowing that Fab was nuttin’ in her mouth”.

Joe Budden then returned with “Pain In His Life” (Referencing Saigon’s song “Pain In My Life”). Joe talks about how Saigon begged his baby mother to get an abortion, never released an album, and how he couldn’t blow up even when he was on Entourage. Budden did his thing but I thought he’d come harder. I mean, if you use the “You, Me, Him And Her” beat you got to come hard. Still no classic disses yet.

Saigon steps back up with up “Pushin’ Buddens” First he surprised me by using Wu-Tang’s “Protect Ya Neck”. Secondly, I thought Saigon killed it. Sai had previously said that he wasn’t a “battle rapper” but he sounded like one here: “Take away the mic this nigga is a coochie man/I’ll slap this bitch like Gucci Mane/You in the barbershop begging Fab to be on his mixtape/Knowing that he nut in your bitch face”. Maybe I thought this was funny because I actually just watched the video of Budden at the barbershop asking Fab to be on a upcoming mixtape. Saigon even changes the beat up at the end and jumps on Budden’s own “Pump It Up” right before saying he’s done making these diss songs.

Even though I think Saigon may have took the lead in this battle with that last song, this is far from over (Not to say he’s killing Joe). At first I was hating on this battle, but hey, what’s wrong with a rap battle? If done right, it can help both people involved (Hear how Joe Budden says his new album release date at the beginning of each of his diss songs?) Here’s all the songs so far but I really doubt they are the last of them…it’s almost too fast to keep up…especially since Budden already got a video up about Saigon’s song that came out today laughing at “Pushin’ Buddens”, saying that the only go thing about it is the beat.

Download: Joe Budden “Letter To Saigon”

Download: Saigon – “Under-Acheiver”

Download: Joe Budden – “Pain In His Life”

Download: Saigon – “Pushin’ Buddens”