Why Saigon Is Like George W. Bush


Our homie BDub over at yourfavoritewhiteboy.com wrote a dope article comparing George W. Bush to rapper Saigon. We really haven’t covered the whole Joe Budden vs. Saigon beef here at nappyafro.com (I just finished listening to Saigon’s “Under-Achiever”), and since BDub covers it so eloquently, I figured I’d let him explain it. Here’s the article in it’s entirety, but you need to visit yourfavoritewhiteboy.com for more good shit like this. Midnight Marauders in the building!B-Easy…

With Obama about to be sworn on as President, there is much media coverage over the legacy, such as it is, of George W. Bush. Over these last 8 years, you’d think that people would have learned from this man’s (many) mistakes. Instead, here we have Saigon declaring war on Joe Budden after he caught feelings over a supposed dis Joey Jump Off made on wax a while back. Saigon responded and then Joe went all in. So now its on, according to Saigon.

Unfortunately, it looks like Sai hasn’t learned from W., because he’s gone right ahead and made a lot of the same mistakes Bush did with the Iraq war. Let’s see how Saigon is acting just like the soon-to-be former Commander-In-Chief, i.e. dumb as hell:

1. Declaring War Under False Pretenses
Just like George, Saigon is trying to muster support for this beef by claiming it is imperative that he strike back from a supposed “attack.” In this case, like the WMD mess, its a pretty weak, maybe even non-existent, argument for going to war. To state that the beef is on because Budden said he’ll “hit and run like he’s Saigon” (a reference to smacking up Prodigy and taking off, which Saigon admitted he did), it makes it pretty clear Sai is doing it for other, self-interested reasons. Sound familiar?

2. Picking An Undeserving Target
Everyone knows Iraq should never have been a central target in the “War On Terror.” Similarly, I think the hip-hop community collectively rolled their eyes when Saigon declared that he would be looking to end Joey’s career. Especially when “A Letter To Saigon” was more of advice from an older head than a straight dis. When heads make lists of rappers that need to hang it up, Joe is not usually on the list. You on the other hand….

3. Using War To Increase Sagging Popularity
War Presidents always get good poll numbers. George W and his pops enjoyed huge popularity after war was declared. And we all know that one of the tried-and-true ways to get your rap career hot again is to be a party to (and win) the biggest beef at the time. But just like real war, fatigue sets in quickly. Unless your cause is true (see Points #1 and #2), heads, like everyone else, will tire in short order. And if you went to war for the wrong reasons, people will just think you’re foolish (at best).

4. Being Overly Aggressive
As we’ve seen with Bush, acting like a testosterone-flooded cowboy is played out. Whether you’re waterboarding your prisoners, spying on civilians or shelling foreign populations, intentional aggression is not the business. The smart cat uses the right tactics to air their opponent out. Going nuclear over a supposed bitchslap just isolates you – and its a stupid career move, especially if you can’t back it up.

You’d think Sai would realize that there is little appetite for Bush-like tactics in 2009. Saying you’ll beat him on sight? That you’ll end his career? Over this? You know what they say about bullies, right? They’re overcompensating for being soft.

Sai, I’d like to think that you’re a smart dude, evidence to the contrary. Learn from history; don’t end up like the 43rd President.