OJ Da Juiceman – The Otha Side Of The Trap… [Review]

When one of your partners in rhyme is Gucci Mane, it’s a good chance you are not respected for lyrics, just “Trap Music”. Enter OJ Da Juiceman, the latest “trapstar” from Atlanta. Not too much is known about Da Juiceman outside of him being featured on Gucci’s mixtapes and that he is from Atlanta. I could sit here and ramble off fact after fact about him; you still would not know who the person was if you didn’t frequent the Atlanta club scene.

I Be Trappin’
No intro, no skits, just straight to the music. OJ spits some of the most elementary rhymes. If you really want to get a feel for him…think Gucci.

Good Night
Featuring Gucci Mane
I like the beat on this one, and it does not help that your boy Gucci is on this one. Again, no top lyrics just Gucci being Gucci, and OJ doing him.

Hell Of A Life
OJ pulls out the auto tune for this track. I do not know why he did this, but he did. He did have one good line in the song. “I’m like a Frigidaire, cuz I’m loaded with ice.”  That is as good as it gets. The beat is nice on this one though.

Nah Ming
This has to be one of the dumbest hooks of all time. “Nah Ming?” I am not going to waste too much time talking bad about this song. SKIP.


I guess this is one for the ladies? I am confused with the tempo of the song and the lyrics that OJ is spitting. This song is a mess.

I’m Getting Money
This is one of those “trap songs” that OJ is famous for making. I do not really like the rhymes, but the beats that Zaytoven provides helps out the Juiceman A LOT.

Washing Powder
By now, you will be tired of hearing OJ say “Aye” and “Okay”. This is another standout track for your boy Zaytoven, who by the way makes this album tolerable. Dumb hook, dumb topic, and dumb lyrics will equal DUMB SONG.

Make The Trap Say Aye
Featuring Gucci Mane
This is by far my favorite song off the album. When this song comes on, the place goes NUTS. Even with OJ spitting recycled rhymes from previous songs, Gucci steals the show with his verse. BANGER!

50 Bricks
At this point OJ’s voice is getting annoying. The constant “Aye” and recycled rhymes are too much to bear. What is he even talking about on this song? SKIP.

Yung Juice
This guy will not stop with the “Aye” and the “Okay”.  This has to be the most annoying adlib EVER! SKIP!

Old School Cars
The beat is all right, but OJ is so annoying. SKIP.

Cop A Chicken

Another good beat provided by Zaytoven, but OJ does his best job to make the song GARBAGE.

Featuring Kourtney Money
By this time if you don’t know about 32 Entertainment or that his catch phrase is “Aye” you don’t know OJ. This is another annoying song from Da Juiceman.


This is the song where he pays homage to his home turf. At this point and time of listening to this album, my head is about to explode. I really do not care for this song either. SKIP.

Trap Work
“Patty cake, patty cake whipping up the pies.” That is all I needed to hear to say this….SKIP.

OJ Flyest
I can dig the beat on this one, but all of this is ruined once OJ opens his mouth to spit out a lyric.

Featuring Kourtney Money, Wooh da Kid, & Keta
Who let this dude near the auto tune again? His voice is annoying enough that he does not need to overdo it with the auto tune. Another terrible song.

Bottom Line:
When T.I. coined the term “Trap Music” I do not think he intended for it to be an excuse for GARBAGE. OJ Da Juiceman has to be the WORST rapper alive. He has the dumbest ad libs, which he runs in the ground. He has no respect for the listener, harassing them with his stupid lyrics and annoying ad libs. I did not think that this album was going to be this terrible, but I was surprised myself. After listening to this album for 3 days, I know why rappers like OJ have to make so many mixtapes. The music is disposable, after a couple of spins you realize that the dude is saying some of the dumbest stuff ever. LISTEN AT YOUR OWN RISK.

nappyPicks: “Make the Trap Say Aye”

Download: OJ Da Juiceman feat. Gucci Mane – “Make the Trap Say Aye”