Trading Places…Jeezy & Gucci Edition


I remember when Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane teamed up for one of the biggest songs of 2005, “So Icy”, like everybody else I knew that Jeezy was the reason why the song was hot. Not too long after that a dispute over the rights to the song started a war between the two where Jeezy went for the jugular with “Stay Strapped” and sort of put a bounty out for Gucci’s chain. A murder charge and some jail time would be in Gucci’s future, fame and a couple of million albums sold would be in Jeezy’s. Now things are a bit different. Gucci has the streets on LOCK. Not just in Atlanta, but everywhere. He has the STREET equivalent buzz of Drake right now. Gucci is doing tracks with the Black Eyed Peas, Kanye West, and Mariah Carey! Who would have ever thought he would be on a track with Mariah? Well, she did do a song with ODB. Jeezy used to be THAT guy that they called for those spots. Don’t get me wrong Jeezy is still a star in his own right, but this time around the shine is on Gucci. Check out Jeezy latest diss song “24 23”, where he takes at shots at Gucci and OJ. Doesn’t this seem like Jeezy is suffering from what was bothering Gucci…the SHINE. Why would someone of Jeezy’s caliber have to “release” a diss song about Gucci? I will tell you why, Jeezy now is Gucci then, and vice versa. Jeezy knows this, and he knows that he and Gucci have switched places. Those same streets that used to love Jeezy still love him, but not as much as they love Gucci. To be honest, I think Jeezy would rather have that hood love, but somehow he has gotten too popular for the hood. I thought releasing the Trappin aint Dead mixtape would restore the feeling, but it didn’t have the hoods on smash like your weekly Gucci mixtape, so it got swept under the rug. I don’t know what Jeezy can do now, but I know attacking someone because they are hot is NOT a good look for someone of your “stature”. BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD!