Six Guests That Need To Be On Detox

*Okay, we swiped another dope article from our homie BDub. For more good stuff like this hit up YFWB. Get ’em BDub.* Nasir Jones recently conducted an interview where he told the world that he will indeed by on the much-anticipated Detox… whenever it gets released. Happy to hear that, but it got me thinking to what other spitters I’d like to make an appearance on Dre’s album.

I’m cool with 50, Snoop, Em and the usual crew heading up the majority of the verses on Detox, but it would be nice to see a different lineup in 2009. Here’s my wish list, as it were:

I have always thought that Redman never got the shine he deserved in rap. He is pound for pound one of the best lyricists in the game. I think part of that might be that his beats were never the strongest – word to Erick Sermon. If we could get him on a few Dre bangers, that would be something to see, er, hear.

Kanye West
Both these dudes are mad creative in their own right. If the studio could survive the clash of the two egos, I think the result would be dope. Let’s be real – Kanye can spit. And he’s musically inclined, so he could ride over a Dre beat better than most. And you know Andre would appreciate ‘Ye’s work ethic.

We know what happens when Jay goes in over a beat from a top beatsmith (Timbo, Premier, Pharrell, Kanye). We all absorbed “The Watcher 2″, “Get Your Money Right” and “Watch Me.” I would love to see a rejuvenated Hov kick 16 bars over a supernova hot Dre beat. C’mon – you would too.

Lil’ Wayne
Imagine the result if Weezy and Dre worked together. Of course, the famously meticulous Dre would probably shoot dude after the third time he missed a recording session from being too effed up to record. I thought Wayne showed he could handle substantive beats on Tha Carter III and I’m pretty sure Weezy would vibe with some of the more creative and abstract aspects of Dre’s production. Could surprise you how good it turns out.

Forget OB4CL2. Forget RZA. Let’s see The Chef chop it up with The Doctor. I was hyped when I found out that Rae had signed with Aftermath and equally saddened when I found out that he was no longer messing with Dre and hadn’t collaborated with him in any real way. Rae is so different than the existing crowd of MCs slated for Detox, he would flip the album on its head.

The Game
If Game wasn’t such a baby, he probably would be on Dre’s final album. But all that stupid ish aside, Game kills Dre tracks. The Documentary was a glimpse into what could have been. Chuck Taylor would most definitely bring Dr. Dre back to his roots with his that CPT style. If I had to pick between 50 Cent and Game appearing on my album, I’d take Game. Eff 50.

I’m not saying Detox won’t be a dope album – Dre wouldn’t release anything less. But with a new flavor, the joint could be that much better.