Independent Spotlight: Nobody Famous & Wax – “Mary”


I’ll admit it. I critique the shit out of new artist. The way I see it; there’s already too many rappers right now anyway. Why jump into an already crowded pool? But then there are those times when I take off my “hater ” hat and get surprised. One of those times happened when I check out a new song by rapper Wax and producer Nobody Famous called “Mary”. The track was dope. If you like me, after you hear something good, you check some more background information. I found out Nobody Famous released an album last year called Order Up! Vol 2 (Biscuits & Gravy) on our homie Kevin’s site (Which so far is also pretty good). I also heard rumors that Nobody Famous just recently signed to Kevin Nottingham’s new label (Yeah, Kev is stuntin’ on us). If that’s true, that might be some shit! Check out the song and tell us what you think.

Download: Wax – “Mary” (Produced by Nobody Famous)