Friday Night ‘Fro: Paid In Full


When I mentioned Paid In Full last week, I had no idea that I was gonna post it up this week (Back to back Cam’ron? Damn!). But I can’t front, this was actually a good movie. I’m a little under the weather today, so I’m not gonna talk type you to death.  Summary:

In the 80’s, in Harlem, the simple African-American worker of a laundry, Ace (Wood Harris), is seduced by the easy money of his friend Mitch (Mekhi Phifer) and when Mitch is arrested, he becomes a drug lord. Later, her joins Mitch and his new-friend Rico (Cam’ron) as his right arms, ruling the neighborhood. His kingdom is destroyed one year later, after successive betrayals.

“No champagne, no rice!” (Extra points if anybody can tell me what scene that’s from). Enjoy the movie folks…

Paid In Full