King Jerm’s Letter To B.I.G.


What’s good B.I.G? This is coming from someone you bumped into over 15 years ago at a show at NCA&T. I told you the story about how I found my ticket on the ground and you laughed. I remember meeting you like it was yesterday. I figured since today was the anniversary of your death, you would want to know what has been going on since you left the physical. How is your Mom you asked? She is doing well and keeping your memory alive. Your kids are growing up turning into YouTube stars. Faith? Well she went on to remarry, but she still misses you. Junior Mafia? Well they are no longer a group, but they are still maintaining. Lil’ Cease and Kim fell out over a court case, and speaking of Lil’ Cease he’s a fitness guru now, so you probably wouldn’t recognize him if you saw him now. How is Lil’ Kim you asked? Well she took your death the hardest. She took your whole steez and ran with it, but in the process, she did a stint in jail, and frequented the plastic surgeon. You would not even recognize her at all. Ya boy D-Roc is still holding you down, I recently saw him kicking it with Puff after your movie dropped. Oh, you didn’t know about the movie did you? Yeah, Hollywood came around and made a biopic about your life. They got some cat named Gravy to play you, don’t worry, he did a good job. Back to Puffy, yeah, he is doing well; you probably can find him blogging about how good his life is now. Yeah, he is still MEAN with that paperwork! I knew you were going to ask about the LOX, they are no longer on Bad Boy, they went through some legal issues with Puff, and so they bounced. Do not worry about them; they are still keeping it street. Your boy Jay-Z took over for you after you left. He’s did a good job keeping your memory alive with his music. He catches A LOT of flak from using your rhymes, but he does it to BIG up the borough of Brooklyn. How is Brooklyn? Man, BK is BK. You are the unofficial mayor of Brooklyn so what does that tell you? Do I think the game misses you? HELL YEAH! Come on Big, you dropped two albums and you are considered the GOAT. The game has not been the same since you left. New York has been scrambling to find your replacement since you departed.

Stay up,
King Jerm