Did Drake Give Away Too Much?

Like most of the Hip-Hop world, I have been listening to Drake’s latest mixtape So Far Gone. After listening to this A LOT, it got me wondering…did Drizzy give away too many of his good songs? He has some REALLY good material on So Far Gone, some of it too good to call it a mixtape. Easy and me was going back and forth about some of the tracks and were wondering what he was going to do for the album. He could get “Weezyed” and by that, I mean give out his best stuff on mixtapes, and be out of ideas when the album drops. When is the album scheduled to drop as a matter of fact? He is HOT right now, so I’m sure his label wants to cash in while he is on fire. We all know how this works, labels wait too long and the buzz dies down, and the numbers aren’t what they would have been had they dropped sooner.

For example take the song “Brand New”; this could be a top R&B song right now! Yeah, I know Drizzy is a rapper, but this shows how versatile the dude is when you can go in the lab and make a song like this. I do not even like calling this a mixtape. This “mixtape” has the feeling of an album. One thing you can say about Drake is that he is a true artist. He gives you all that you want from an artist. He gives you top notch rhymes, smooth hooks, and some good features. Take the track “Uptown” for example; you have to wonder if any of these songs will make the album. This has been the best release music-wise this year, and I cannot wait to see how he follows this one up.