Drake – So Far Gone [Review]

We originally posted this mixtape earlier this week but “Forum Champ” V-G went ahead and posted a track by track review in the forums…yeah our forums are awesome (Check out the original forum post here). Go V-G. It seems as if the whole game’s been holding its breath for the next big drop from Drake, who many have deemed the next big factor on the hip-hop scene. Well after much anticipation, Drizzy himself has dropped So Far Gone, the next move in his ascension to greatness. We have the regular appearances here (Weezy & Trey Songz) and some surprises (Bun B, Lloyd, & Omarion). The tension is thick here so let’s get to it.

1. Lust For Life
Drake starts this one off with a rap/ballad. He explains his drive for the game over a simple beat that sounds like it’s from 808’s & Heartbreak. Moderate singing and rapping skills here, nothing special. Smooth start.

2. Houstalantavegas
The vibe from the first song rides on over to this song and Drizzy is on that singing shit. He is NICE as fuck! Drake’s versatility is played on here as he sings the chorus and the first verse and raps the second verse. You wouldn’t know it was the same person. SICK SONG.

3. Successful
Featuring Trey Songz & Lil Wayne
Drizzy continues with the smooth vibe and simple beat, calling on his BFF’s Trey Songz & Lil’ Wayne. “The game needs change and I’m the muthafuckin cashier.” Everybody’s on their shit right here. Nice chill song cause I’m chillin.

4. Let’s Call It Off
Featuring Peter Bjorn & John
Wow… This song doesn’t really disagree musically wise with the previous songs, but it’s weird compared to them. It’s a pop song with a dosage of the 60’s/70’s somewhere in there. I coulda swore Kanye was gonna come on, autotune-a-tuning! I’m glad he didn’t. Alright song.

5. November 18th
Damn Drizzy! Wayne has a powerful influence as Drake’s homage to Texas is characterized by Weezy’s Sizzurp-dripping flow. The Chopped & Screwed hook mailed this one in. But for some reason Drake breaks out singing…. Pretty Good FILLER!

6. Ignorant Shit
Featuring Lil Wayne
This is the song that leaked a few days before the mixtape release. The up-tempo beat sets up the opportunity for these Young Money beasts to spit and it is FLAME they spit. Drizzy makes it known he is no “Joker”. 5:03 of STRAIGHT FIRE.

7. A Night Off
Featuring Lloyd
At this point the listener’s ought to know Drake is not just a rapper. Lloyd and Drake are flawless as they get your girlfriend wet for you cause you’ll never be THIS SEXY! INFECTIOUS MUSIC right here. One of my favorite tracks.

8. Say What’s Real
“I always said I’d say it all on one track” Drake couldn’t have been more accurate. He rips Kanye’s “Say You Will” beat a new asshole. Non-Believers, Meet Drizzy.

9. Little Bit
Featuring Lykke Li
Remember theat weird pop from #4? Well it’s back! This isn’t a bad song cause the verse is alright… But it’s kinda boring… Bordeline Skip.

10. Best I Ever Had
Drizzy moves right on along from Pop to R&B and doesn’t lose a step. The overhead smooth vibe continues with an attestment to the best he’s ever had. Plenty of potential radioplay here. HOT SONG.

11. Unstoppable
Featuring Santogold & Lil Wayne
So put the chick from “Brooklyn Go Hard” on the hook, put them on a techno sounding beat that could come straight from her album, and watch Drake & Weezy stomp all over this song. SICK SONG.

12. Uptown
Featuring Bun B & Lil Wayne
Check this line up! The beat drops and I can immediately hear why Bun B is on here. The track sounds like it coulda been on II Trill. Everybody does the damn thing right here. This is an OFFICIAL HOOD ANTHEM. My favorite song on here.

13. Sooner Than Later
Once again the transition impresses me as we go from raw spittin with the best, to singing like the best. Mark my words, when Drizzy hits the commercial scene its a Reynolds Wrap. NICE SONG

14. Bria’s Interlude
Featuring Omarion
This, strangely, isn’t an interlude, but it’s still filler. Omarion and Drake play around with the sound effects and end up with an unnecessary song. By the way, I can’t tell who is who and you never find out who Bria is…

15. The Calm
This puts me in the mind of “Say What’s Real”. It’s a simple beat with Drizzy speaking only the truth. Not as good as “Say What’s Real”, but it’s still DAMN GOOD.

16. Outro
Bottles Pop, the liquor is poured, and So Far Gone plays out with some piano chords.

17. Brand New
Really isn’t brand new. This is some old Drake that was poppin’ on MySpace for a while. Nothin special, but still pretty good.


I gotta say, before I heard this album, I was a Drake fan and I still am. I believe this mixtape is a driving force to new fans everywhere. Why? The album doesn’t really falter at all, just hits some creative niches that not everyone will enjoy. But when you hear “your” golden song from Drake, you’ll be hooked. From “Let’s Call It Off”, to “A Night Off”, right down to “Uptown”, this album has something for you. “Drizzy” Drake is a threat to anybody in the game and I’m not just talkin’ rap. Watch your back Jonas Brothers, Ne-Yo, or T.I. Drizzy might steal your fans.

  • “Let’s Call It Off” (feat. Peter Bjorn & John)
  • “A Night Off” (feat. Lloyd)
  • “Uptown” (feat. Bun B & Lil Wayne)