Song of the Week: Ras Kass – “Mike Jacks”


Ras Kass is back! After going back and forth to jail for the past few years, one of the most underrated and overlooked MC’s is back home and back in the booth. Now he’s bringing us Ras Kass Quarterly. He plans to release one song every seven days until Fall, then drop a corresponding mixtape with exclusives at the end of each of the four quarters. “Mike Jacks” is the first installment we get a Michael Jackson tribute “Jackin’ For Beats” style. Ras Kass goes in over MJ’s beats as well as those he inspired/sampled. I’d be lying if I said I’ve listened to all the Michael Jackson tribute songs but this is the only one making it to my iPod. Especially with lines like: “Drunk a thousand liquors/I bad like red jackets with a thousand zippers”. Oh yea and even though “Swagger Jackson’s Revenge” by Jay Electronica came out a way before MJ’s passing, that shit is a good tribute too… in an accidental way.


Download: Ras Kass – “Mike Jacks”