Jay-Z – “Thank You” x “A Star Is Born” (feat. J. Cole) x “Hate” (feat. Kanye West)


Can you tell that The Blueprint 3 has leaked? Damn Jay. Well, I wasn’t gonna post these songs but then I thought, “What the hell?”. After posting quite a few leaks off BP3, this is the finale. Plus, these are the three songs I see most other sites posting so I’m not spreading the leakage too much. I actually almost happy too; we can stop posting up Jay-Z tracks and get back to doing reviews again (We got one coming today actually). I’m still going to Best Buy on September 11th 8th (It’s been pushed up!). P.S. “Thank You” is hard! Update: Had to add The Blueprint 3 commercial for Rhapsody. Best. Jay-Z. Commercial. Ever.

Download: Jay-Z – “Thank You”

Download: Jay-Z feat. J. Cole – “A Star Is Born”

Download: Jay-Z feat, Kanye West – “Hate”