Turn Yo’ Headphones Up: Brother Ali – Us


I’m not going to lead into this one lightly or anything. Simply put, this is an instant classic and album of the year. Who the fuck is Brother Ali? Hands down the best rapper you don’t know. I’ve said folks are one of this, and that album may be one of that…but this shit right here, this shit right here? Unrelenting, unparalleled, unapologetic, thought provoking, masterful, classic, and perfect are words that MAY begin to describe this album. I’ve done over 40 reviews for The Fro’ and I joined the crew after Eardrum dropped, which was the last album that I deem classic or at least REALLY close to classic. I have only given two albums 4.5 ratings and while I think both Relapse and Rising Down are personal faves, they haven’t made classic status for me. But this shit right here? This shit right here? Flawless.

Sometimes, doing a track by track review gets difficult because at the extremes you can only sing praises or voice displeasure so many different ways and do justice to the folks that take time to read what you took time to say. This album would be one where each track would be a new way to say amazing…15 different times.This is nothing new for Brother Ali though. This man has dedicated his Hip-Hop life to giving you top quality albums that are all underground staples to the game. His lyricism is up there with your favorites and he tends to be one of those that has done such high quality work for so long that you tend to take it for granted. I have NO improvements, complaints or anything negative to say about this album, and the song “Best @It” with Freeway and Joell Ortiz is pure napalm. No matter if it’s story telling, brash lyricism, conscious lyrics, or heartfelt songs, Brother Ali delivers. Us is the best offering from an emcee who is just as outspoken and controversial as he is talented. Do you hear me now? Good. (Shout out to anyone who gets that.) Make SURE to Turn Yo’ Headphones Up to Brother Ali.

Download: Brother Ali – “Best @It”