Gucci Mane|The Cold War Trilogy [Mixtape]


I know this mixtape series came out last night, and believe this or not, but B-Easy really wanted to do this. He didn’t want his name associated with it, so he passed it to me. I guess he didn’t want you guys to know that he is a closet Gucci Mane fan. Oh well, since he is scared to admit the truth, King Jerm will give the people what they want. How better to celebrate making MTV’s 10 Hottest MC’s list than to release a TRILOGY of mixtapes! WHO DOES THAT? Ya’ll might not like his music, but Gucci loves his fans and he gives them what they want. All I can say about this is…DOWNLOAD. Gucci may never come out with an official album, and if I was him, I WOULDN’T. You can’t transfer this type buzz over to album sales.


Download: Gucci Mane & DJ Drama – The Cold War: Guccimerica

1. #6
2. Street Cred (feat. DJ Drama, Drake, & Killer Mike)
3. Diamonds
4. Follow Me (feat. Drumma Boi)
5. Throw Money (feat. Sean Garrett)
6. Guccimerica
7. In My Business (feat. Drake & Sean Garrett)
8. Gucci Bitch (feat. Kandi)
9. Bachelor Pad
10. Boiy
11. Outro
12. Dangers Not A Stranger


Download: Gucci Mane & DJ Holiday – The Cold War: Brrrussia

1. Gucci Talk Intro
2. Good Money
3. Break Ya Self
4. Gucci Talk P.S.A.
5. Ha Ha Ha
6. Party Animal (feat. Snoop Dogg)
7. I Am Legend
8. Diamonds
9. Gucci Talk
10. Foreign
11. Euphoria (feat. Waka Flocka Flame & Rocko)
12. Street Cred
13. Gucci Talk Outro


Download: Gucci Mane & DJ Scream – The Cold War: Brrritain

1. Great BRRRitain Intro
2. I’m Expecting (feat. Juvenile)
3. N.E.R.D.
4. The Other Day (feat. Jim Jones)
5. Outta Me
6. Burner
7. I Be Everywhere
8. Hush Ya Mouth
9. Greeat BRRRitain Outro
10. Timothy